What is NeonMob?

On NeonMob, a worldwide network of creators and designers creates original trading card series for everyone to discover and enjoy. Open packs and trade to complete series, earn badges, and collect limited-edition cards. The joy and nostalgia of collecting is captured in this social marketplace that never runs out of beautiful and inventive collectibles.

Independent artists and brands both contribute to the large and growing marketplace of original trading card series. In January 2016, current partners include the NFL Player’s Association, Care Bears, Domo, Tarzan, and Zorro.

Watch the video below to get an overview of how to begin your NeonMob adventure, including:

  • Starting your collection
  • Managing your profile
  • Trading with other collectors
  • Submitting your own ideas for series

NeonMob Community Rules & Guidelines

NeonMob is a thriving, global community of creators and collectors. In order to ensure that NeonMob is a safe and delightful place to explore, discover, and connect, we've established a few ground rules:

1.  Create and operate only one (1) NeonMob account.  
Owning more than one account is the only true way to "cheat" on NeonMob. Artists earn a living through sales on NeonMob, so obtaining free packs beyond the standard daily allotment is the same as stealing. Additionally, collectors who cheat cheapen the experience of other collectors using NeonMob fairly. Bottom line: don't cheat. It's unkind, uncool, and will result in a site-wide ban.

Types of activity that indicate cheating or abuse of your NeonMob collector privileges:
— Having multiple accounts controlled by you. 
— Having friends/family members/others controlling accounts that repeatedly funnel the best/rarest cards to you.

Read more about Cheating on NeonMob here.

2.  Make fair trade offers.  Offering your common for someone else's extremely rare card is like stealing candy from a baby. Don't do that. Respect the value of your collection, and only propose trades that value the collections of others. Plus, unfair trades definitely won't make you any friends. To learn more about what constitutes a fair trade, join the collecting & trading discussion in the NeonMob Forum.

3. Don't harass, troll, threaten, or, generally speaking, act unkindly. This applies to messages, submissions, profiles — all of the ways in which you communicate and present yourself on NeonMob. Usernames, avatar images, and bio text that is racist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory will result in a ban from NeonMob and closure of your account. Treat your fellow collectors with respect and decency in all interactions. We're here to make friends, discover cool art, create new things, and pioneer the future of art collecting. Don't ruin it for everyone else by being a bully.

Again: violation of any of the above rules can be grounds for suspension or closure of your account, including the seizure of your entire collection. 

To report a user who you believe is violating any of the rules above, shoot us an email at support@neonmob.com.

How do you collect on NeonMob?

Every day, collectors receive free packs that can be redeemed on dozens of eligible series. Free packs contain original, limited-edition cards of varying rarities inside. Look for the blue "Open Free Pack" button to identify eligible series!

Paid packs are also available. The same odds and cards can be obtained in free and paid packs, although paid packs are typically larger.

Do you have a mobile app?

We're so glad you asked! Why, yes, we do have a mobile app for iOS — you can download NeonMob Trading Cards for IPhone right here in the App Store.

Our Android app is no longer in development. We may develop an Android app in the future, but for now we are focusing our efforts on web and iOS. However, you can still add your name to a list to be notifed if we do release an Android app in the future: add your email to the Android app notification list

How does trading work?

There are several ways to start trading on NeonMob: you can visit other collectors' profile or collection pages; you can search for cards you need; and you can also start trading from within your own collection. The image below shows an example view of a collection on the website. For each series, you see the cards you own, while unowned cards have empty slots.


When you don't own a card, hover your mouse over the empty slot and two buttons will appear: on the left is the "Owners" button, and on the right is the “Wishlist” button. When hovering over an unowned card, it will look like this:


Clicking on “Wishlist” will card this card to your your wishlist, letting potential trade partners know the cards you are actively seeking.

"Owners" pulls up a list of owners, along additional information about them. "Trader Grade" tells how responsive a trader is, "Owned" tells you how many cards a trader owns, and “Series Completion" tells you how much progress that person has made toward completing the series.


It is important, and sometimes challenging, to find an optimal trading partner. There are no hard rules about what works, but it helps to start with traders with high trader grades. These traders are less likely to allow a trade to expire, meaning you will get a response more quickly. Traders with duplicates (2x or more) are also more likely to part with one of their cards. Use the Message button to communicate with potential trade partners if you have any specific questions about their collection our what they might be looking for in exchange. 

Once you select a trading partner, you can begin the process of assembling a trade offer by clicking on the “TRADE” button. The image below shows a trade window with the beginnings of a trade offer.


Your trading partner’s cards are listed on the left side of the screen; your cards are listed on the right side of the screen. To add cards to the trade, click on the “+ ADD” button on your side and select which card to include in your trade proposal. You can add up to 5 cards in a trade on both side … but remember that you will have more success if you make fair and balanced trades.


Once you have selected the cards you would like to trade, click the “OFFER TRADE” button in the bottom right corner of the window to submit your trade offer. 

After submitting your offer, your trading partner has 48 hours to respond before the offer automatically expires. They may accept, decline, or counter-offer your trade. Likewise, you may withdraw or modify your trade offer.

How does trading work on the iOS app?

Trading on the iOS app can be easily initiated from any series collection. Go to Your Collection > Series > Unowned to see the cards you still need to collect in that particular series.


Scroll through the Unowned list and find the particular card you are seeking. Click on the “Trade for it” button to pull up the Owners list.


Just like the website, the Owners list shows the Trader Grade (“Grade”), Series Completion (“%”), and Number of Cards Owned (“#”) to help you find an optimal trading partner. Selecting any user will pull up the trade window.


Your trading partner’s card are on the top of this window; your cards are on the bottom of this window. Use the “+” symbols to add cards on each side. Once your cards are selected, click the “Offer Trade” button at the bottom of the window.


That’s it, your trade offer has been sent!

Do I have to spend money to use NeonMob?

You don't have to spend anything to use NeonMob! Collect free packs, trade, discover art, and build a collection without ever spending a dime. Look for the blue "Open Free Pack" button and you can collect that series.

If you do want to get more than your daily allotment of free packs, you may choose to buy additional packs using credits, which are purchased under the "Buy Credits" button.

What are the rarities?

All cards are identified by rarity.  There are five "core" rarities: common, uncommon, rare, very rare, and extremely rare.  There are also special rarities: chase and variant.  (Variants are given to variations of other cards and have since been retired for new series.) Chases are special in some way.

Each series detail page will show the number of copies of each rarity, along with the odds of receiving a card of any given rarity. 

Why does the rarity of a card matter?

Most series are limited edition, meaning that each card has a limited number of copies created. Once all cards have been collected, the series is sold out.  There are a few series that are unlimited, which means they will never sell out.

Each series detail page will show the number of cards of each rarity, along with the odds of receiving a card of a particular rarity. 

Are all cards of the same rarity equally rare?

Within the same series, you can assume that cards of the same rarities are equally numbered. However, across different series, the number of copies of each rarity will often differ. Be sure to take into account when trading. (More on rarities here.)  

As an example, the following trade shows a trade with two extremely rare cards. Although both cards are extremely rare, these cards are not equally scarce because 200 copies of "Air Joe" exist while there are 1200 copies of "KEV-19."

Remember, some cards can have thousands of copies, while others have just a few hundred or even just a few dozen. Some cards have no print limit whosoever (this occurs for "unlimited" series).  The lesson is, be careful assuming that all cards of the same rarity are equally scarce or valuable!

What is a "chase" or "variant" rarity?

On NeonMob, there are five standard rarities: common, uncommon, rare, very rare, and extremely rare.  There also exist several other types of rarities.


A "chase" is a special type of rarity.  It may be extremely limited or different somehow from the main cards in the series.  It is represented by this rarity symbol:

A "variant" is a special type of rarity that typically indicates the card is a variation of a standard rarity card. In the example below, you can see "Cooz" and its variant "Cooz [Sketch]"

How do I view my collection?

To view all the series and cards in your collection, go to your profile (also your home page within NeonMob), and select the "View a Series..." dropdown list. This menu displays all series you have ever collected.  Select any these series and you will see the cards you own along with ways to trade for the cards you need.

Another quick link to your collection is the "Your Most Recent" section of your profile. Click "Your Series" under any of the series you recently collected to be brought to your cards.

What are trader grades?

Trader grades reflect how likely a trader is to allow a trade to expire.  Having an A+ grade does not mean this collector is more likely to accept a trade offer, but it does mean they will respond one way or another.  Traders receive lower grades for allowing trades to expire without responding.  

All collectors start out with a trader grade of B. Depending on how responsive they are to trade offers, their trader grade will improve or worsen.  In this case, Happy the Dog has a trader grade of A+ (the best possible).

Trader grades are a helpful way to choose who to trade with. They are shown when you view a list of owner of a card.

Trader grades can be improved over time. When you propose a trade, your trader grade improves. Likewise, when you respond quickly to trades offered to you, your grade improves.

I have two copies of the same card. Which will I give away if I offer one in a trade?

When a collector owns more than one of the same card, the highest numbered card is always traded away.  For example, a collector who owns card #2 and card #202 will always give away card #202 first. This happens regardless of whether the collector has started the trade or is responding to another collector's offer.  Having this rule ensures a collector won’t accidentally trade away cards with low numbers, which are typically valued by collectors more highly.

What happens if a trade I propose is declined?

Nothing. There is no penalty to either collector if a trade is declined. After 48 hours, trades that are not accepted or declined expire automatically. To make a trade more appealing, consider offering more cards. Pay attention to your trading partner's collection to be sure you are offering cards that would be interesting to that collector.

Can I offer the same trade to more than one person?

Yes, and then the race is on! The first collector to respond will be able to accept your trade. If a trade cannot be completed due to the artworks no longer being available when a collector responds to an offer, the transaction will not go through.  When you have multiple trades that contain the same card, the first trade accepted will trigger an auto-decline or auto-withdraw for all remaining trades.

What does the future hold for NeonMob?

We are excited to be constantly growing and improving NeonMob.  We cannot disclose our precise plans, but we are actively building new features and functionality for the platform.  What you see today is only our first step. We look forward to bringing you more ways to create, sell, collect, and enjoy digital art and trading cards. 

If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see on the site, please email us at feedback@neonmob.com.

If you are interested in jobs, reach out at jobs@neonmob.com or check out or jobs page.  We are headquartered in beautiful downtown San Francisco.

What is my display case? How does it work?

Your display case appears at the top of your profile page. It's a great way to show off some of the cards in your collection.  By default, the display case will select random cards from your collection to display.

You can replace any item in your display case with a random or specific print by clicking the "Replace" button.  The 8 positions with the display case will always shift and cannot be fixed.