What is NeonMob?

NeonMob is a community of artists and designers from all over the world creating original trading card series for everyone to discover and enjoy. Open packs and trade cards to complete series, reach milestones, and collect incredible art. The joy and nostalgia of collecting is captured in this social marketplace that never runs out of beautiful and inventive collectibles.

Independent artists contribute to the large and growing marketplace of original trading card series available on NeonMob. Click the links below to get an overview on how to begin your NeonMob adventure!

NeonMob Community Rules & Guidelines

NeonMob is a thriving, global community of creators and collectors. In order to ensure that NeonMob is a safe and delightful place to explore, discover, and connect, we've established a few ground rules:

1.  Create and operate only one (1) NeonMob account.  
Owning more than one account is the only true way to "cheat" on NeonMob. Artists earn a living through sales on NeonMob, so obtaining free packs beyond the standard daily allotment is the same as stealing. Additionally, collectors who cheat cheapen the experience of other collectors using NeonMob fairly. Bottom line: don't cheat. It's unkind, uncool, and will result in a site-wide ban.

Types of activity that indicate cheating or abuse of your NeonMob collector privileges:
— Having multiple accounts controlled by you. 
— Having friends/family members/others controlling accounts that repeatedly funnel the best/rarest cards to you.

Read more about Cheating on NeonMob here.

2.  Make fair trade offers.  Offering your common for someone else's extremely rare card is like stealing candy from a baby. Don't do that. Respect the value of your collection, and only propose trades that value the collections of others. Plus, unfair trades definitely won't make you any friends. To learn more about what constitutes a fair trade, join the collecting & trading discussion in the NeonMob Forum.

3. Don't harass, troll, threaten, or, generally speaking, act unkindly. This applies to messages, submissions, profiles — all of the ways in which you communicate and present yourself on NeonMob. Usernames, avatar images, and bio text that is racist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory will result in a ban from NeonMob and closure of your account. Treat your fellow collectors with respect and decency in all interactions. We're here to make friends, discover cool art, create new things, and pioneer the future of art collecting. Don't ruin it for everyone else by being a bully.

Again: violation of any of the above rules can be grounds for suspension or closure of your account, including the seizure of your entire collection. 

To report a user who you believe is violating any of the rules above, shoot us an email at support@neonmob.com.

How do you collect cards on NeonMob?

Collecting on the Website
Every day, collectors receive dozens of free packs that they can redeem on hundreds of eligible series. Free packs contain original, limited-edition, numbered cards of varying rarities from Common to Chase. On the web, look for the blue “Open Pack” button to identify an eligible series and to open a free pack. 

When you are browsing any of the Collect categories, eligible series will still show you the blue “Open Pack” button below the series cover photo.


Once you click the “Open Pack” button, you will see all your available pack options for that series. Besides free packs, paid packs are also available. Paid packs offer the same amount of cards per pack, but provide collectors with better odds of receiving higher rarity cards than base packs. There is also no limit to the amount of paid packs you can open in a day. Purchase paid packs by using Credits.


Collecting on iOS
When you are collecting on iOS, look for the blue dot in the upper left hand corner of each series cover photo. This blue dot indicates an eligible series with available free packs.


Clicking on the series cover photo will take you to the series page. Press the “Open a Pack” button located at the bottom of the screen to open a free pack.


Once you click the “Open a Pack” button, you will see all your available pack options for both free and paid packs.


How does trading work?

There are several ways to start trading on NeonMob: you can visit other collectors' profile or collection pages; you can search for cards you need; and you can also start trading from within your own collection. The image below shows an example view of a collection on the website. For each series, you see the cards you own, while unowned cards have empty slots.


When you don't own a card, hover your mouse over the empty slot and two buttons will appear: on the left is the "Owners" button, and on the right is the “Wishlist” button. When hovering over an unowned card, it will look like this:


Clicking on “Wishlist” will card this card to your your wishlist, letting potential trade partners know the cards you are actively seeking.

"Owners" pulls up a list of owners, along additional information about them. "Trader Grade" tells how responsive a trader is, "Owned" tells you how many copies of this card a trader owns, and “Series Completion" tells you how much progress that person has made toward completing the series.


Once you select a trading partner, you can begin the process of assembling a trade offer by clicking on the “TRADE” button. The image below shows a trade window with the beginnings of a trade offer.


Your trading partner’s cards are listed on the left side of the screen; your cards are listed on the right side of the screen. To add cards to the trade, click on the “+ ADD” button on your side and select which card to include in your trade proposal. You can add up to 5 cards in a trade on both side … but remember that you will have more success if you make fair and balanced trades.


Once you have selected the cards you would like to trade, click the “OFFER TRADE” button in the bottom right corner of the window to submit your trade offer. 

After submitting your offer, your trading partner has 48 hours to respond before the offer automatically expires. They may accept, decline, or counter-offer your trade. Likewise, you may withdraw or modify your trade offer.

How does trading work on the iOS app?

Trading on the iOS app can be easily initiated from any series collection. Go to Your Collection > Series > Unowned to see the cards you still need to collect in that particular series.


Scroll through the Unowned list and find the particular card you are seeking. Click on the “Trade for it” button to pull up the Owners list.


Just like the website, the Owners list shows the Trader Grade (“Grade”), Series Completion (“%”), and Number of Cards Owned (“#”) to help you find an optimal trading partner. Selecting any user will pull up the trade window.


Your trading partner’s card are on the top of this window; your cards are on the bottom of this window. Use the “+” symbols to add cards on each side. Once your cards are selected, click the “Offer Trade” button at the bottom of the window.


That’s it, your trade offer has been sent!

Do you have any trading tips?

Find a good trading partner

It is advantageous, but sometimes challenging, to find an optimal trading partner. A good place to start is with the information provided on the owners page:

  • "Trader Grade" shows how responsive a trader is to accepting offers
  • "Owned" reveals you how many copies of this card a trader owns
  • “Series Completion" tracks how close a trader is to completing the series

Let’s start with Traders Grades. The trading accessibility of each owner is measured by a letter grade A through F. Owners with an A+ trader grade answer every single offer and accept a high volume of trades; Owners with an F trade grade rarely, if ever, respond. Owners with a high trade grade are less likely to allow a trade offer to expire, meaning you will get a response more quickly. Selecting a trade partner with a higher trade grade greatly increases your odds of a having your trade accepted or receiving a counter-offer. 

Another great tip is to look at the Owned column to find owners with duplicates of the sought-after card. Traders with duplicates (2x or more) are more likely to part with one of their cards then to break up their collection.  

Use the Series Completion percentage to find collectors still actively working to finish the series. Owners with lower series completion percentages may need your help in completing the series and could provide more trade options. But don’t forget owners at 100% completion as they may be more willing to give away duplicates when trading across different series. 

Remember, you can toggle any of the above options to reorganize the owners list to fit your specific need. Try different combinations and scroll through the list to search the results. 

Use the Message button to communicate with potential trade partners if you have any specific questions about their collection or what they might be looking for in exchange. This is especially useful in discussing hard-to-find out-of-print card trades, in proposing a cross-series exchange, or when offering multiple trades at once.  

Make compelling trade offers

Now that you have selected a trade partner, here are some tips to keep in mind to make a successful trade offer:

  • Offer a fair and balanced trade: When building your trade, you can select up to five cards on each side. You will have the most success when making a fair offer based on rarities and number of cards offered. A Chase for a Chase is a great offer; a Rare and a Common for a Chase is not. 
  • Add a little extra: Looking to swap Very Rare for Very Rare on a series? Throw in that Common or Uncommon they are missing to help seal the deal. 
  • Give them what they want: When constructing your offer, stick to series your trade partner is already collecting. The cards you offer from an unfamiliar series might not be as valuable to your partner as they are to you.  

Meet other Collectors

Looking to expanding your trading circle? Join our communities to meet other collectors, post your wishlists, and find trade offers:

NeonMob Forums

NeonMobsters Facebook Group

What are the benefits of trading with other NeonMob collectors?

In addition to collecting cards by opening free or purchased packs, expand your collection by making trade offers with other collectors for cards you really want. Trading is the most direct and efficient way to get the cards you need to complete any series you are collecting. Why wait and hope to pull the exact card you need when you can trade an unwanted card and get it now?

Speaking of unwanted cards, Trading is also a good way to cull your collection of duplicate cards or cards you no longer want to keep. Use duplicates to entice a collector to trade you the last cards you need to complete a series you are both collecting. No longer collecting a series? Trade those unwanted cards to an interested collector for cards in a series you like more. Keep your collection tidy, finish series more quickly, and help out your fellow collectors … Trading is a win, win, win!

Finally, Trading also helps you in the long term by connecting you with a large community of fellow collectors all working to help one another complete series. The larger your trading network, the more trading opportunities, the better your odds of finding the cards you want.


So trade often and get to know other collectors … you never know who could be the perfect trade partner in the future!

Do I have to spend money to use NeonMob?

You don't have to spend anything to use NeonMob! Collect free packs, trade, discover art, and build a collection without ever spending a dime. Look for the blue "Open Free Pack" button and you can collect that series.

If you do want to get more than your daily allotment of free packs, you may choose to buy additional packs using credits, which are purchased under the "Buy Credits" button.

What are the rarities?

All cards are identified by rarity. There are five "core" rarities in ascending order: common, uncommon, rare, very rare, and extremely rare.  There are also two “special” rarities: chase and variant. Chase cards are typically unique in some way, either holding special significance to the artist or displaying a different style from core cards. Variant cards are modified variations of core cards in the same series. Variants have been retired for new releases and will only be found in series published prior to 2017.

Each series detail page includes the number of copies of each rarity, the name of each card, and your progress toward collecting all the cards in the series.


You can also get a quick overview of the rarities for each series by clicking on the series progress meter.


What are chase and variant rarities?

On NeonMob, there are five "core" card rarities: common, uncommon, rare, very rare, and extremely rare. There also exist two types of "special" rarities: chase and variant. 

A chase is a special type of rarity. It may be extremely limited or somehow different from the main cards in the series. It is represented by this rarity symbol:


A variant is a special type of rarity that typically indicates the card is a variation of a core card in the same series. In the example below, you can see "Cooz" and its variant "Cooz [Sketch]".

Variants have been retired for new releases and will only be found in series published prior to 2017.

Why does the rarity of a card matter?

A card’s rarity gives collectors a general idea of the odds of receiving that card type when opening a series pack. The higher the rarity, the lower your odds of receiving one in a pack. Higher rarities such as extremely rare or chase cards are intrinsically more valuable to collectors because there are less of them made available to collect. In other words, lower supply = higher value. 

The rarity of a card matters most when trading with other collectors. You will find the most success when offering balanced trades based on card rarities and series type: Unlimited vs. Limited Edition.   

Unlimited Series
Many series released on NeonMob are unlimited, which means they will never sell out and there is no limit on how many cards are produced for collectors. However, each series is only available to collect for a limited amount of time; once the time frame for collection has passed, the series will go out-of-print for collectors. Because unlimited series never sell out, they can be re-opened for collection at a later date.

Limited Edition Series
Some series released on NeonMob are limited edition collections, meaning that each card in a limited edition series has a finite number of copies created for distribution. Once all the cards in a limited edition series have been opened by collectors, the series is sold out and will go out-of-print for collection. Limited Edition series cannot be re-opened for collection as no additional cards will be produced. 

The series detail page for limited edition series will show the number of cards of each rarity along with the odds of receiving a card of a particular rarity when opening a pack from that series. This is based on the total number of packs opened throughout the entire community, not the number of packs a collector opens personally. Below is an example from Space City: Meterex.

Because limited edition series have a finite number of cards available, many collectors consider these cards to be more valuable than unlimited series. Please note that rarities are only relative to other cards within the same limited series because each limited series has a different, finite number of total cards available for collection.

Are all cards of the same rarity equally rare?

Within the same series, you can assume that cards of the same rarities are equally numbered. However, across different series, the number of copies of each rarity will often differ. Be sure to take into account when trading. (More on rarities here.)  

As an example, the following trade shows a trade with two extremely rare cards. Although both cards are extremely rare, these cards are not equally scarce because 200 copies of "Air Joe" exist while there are 1200 copies of "KEV-19."

Remember, some cards can have thousands of copies, while others have just a few hundred or even just a few dozen. Some cards have no print limit whosoever (this occurs for "unlimited" series).  The lesson is, be careful assuming that all cards of the same rarity are equally scarce or valuable!

What are favorites and wishlist?

Do you have specific series or cards that you really like? Mark them as Favorites to easily keep track of your most prized collection pieces. Use the corresponding Wishlist option to designate specific unowned cards as your top collecting priorities and to alert traders to your trading preferences. These options are available to all collectors on the web at www.neonmob.com.

Favorite a Series
To Favorite a series, hover over the series cover photo and click the button on the right containing an empty star. Once you click, the star will change to gold to indicate the series is now a Favorite.


You can view all your Favorite series by visiting Your Collection and clicking on the Favorited toggle in the Series Finder filters. 


Favorite a Card
To Favorite a specific card, hover over the card and click the button on the right containing an empty star. Once you click, the star will change to gold to indicate the card is now a Favorite.


You can view all your Favorite cards in each series by clicking on the Favorited toggle in the sorting options. Wishlist cards are also included in your Favorited selections and are designated by blank placeholders.


Wishlist a Card
To add any unowned card to your Wishlist, hover over an unowned card in your collection and click the button on the right containing and empty shooting star. Once you click, the shooting star will change to gold to indicate this unowned card has been added to your Wishlist. 


View Favorites & Wishlist
You can view your Favorite cards, Favorite series, and Wishlist all in one place by visiting your Favorites page. Access this page by clicking the link labeled Favorites in the top right of your profile below your trader grade and next to the link for Milestones. Once you click, the link text will turn bold and you will be directed to your Favorites page. 

The default view shows all your Favorite cards. You can remove an entry by clicking the corresponding gold star to the right. Once you click, the star will become empty to indicate it is no longer a Favorite card. This does not delete your card, simply removes it from the Favorites section.


View all your Favorite series by clicking the center link with the same name. You can remove an entry by clicking the corresponding gold star to the right. Once you click, the star will become empty to indicate it is no longer a Favorite series. This does not delete your series, simply removes it from the Favorites section.


Finally, view your Wishlist cards by clicking the right link labeled Wishlist. You can remove an entry by clicking the corresponding gold shooting star to the right. Once you click, the shooting star will become empty to indicate it is no longer on your Wishlist. This does not delete your card, simply removes it from the Wishlist section.


How do I view my collection?

To view all the series and cards in your collection, go to your profile (also your home page within NeonMob), and select the "View a Series..." dropdown list. This menu displays all series you have ever collected.  Select any these series and you will see the cards you own along with ways to trade for the cards you need.

Another quick link to your collection is the "Your Most Recent" section of your profile. Click "Your Series" under any of the series you recently collected to be brought to your cards.

How do I use the series finder?

Use the Series Finder to quickly sort through your collection and find a specific series. To get started:

  1. Go to the website at https://www.neonmob.com/
  2. Click on the Your Collection link in the top navigation
  3. You will be directed to a page like the one below listing all the series you have collected

In the Filters section, the first button is labeled Favorited. Click this to display all the series you have marked as a favorite. Click this a second time to reset.


The next button is the Incomplete / Complete toggle. Click this once to display all the incomplete series in your collection, i.e. those series you have yet to finish collecting ...


... Click the Incomplete / Complete toggle again to display all the series you have collected with a 100% completion percentage for both core and special cards. Click the toggle a third time to reset.


The third button is the Available / Unavailable toggle. Click this once to display all the series in your collection that have cards available for you to collect ...


... Click the Available / Unavailable toggle again to display all the series you have collected that are now out of print. Click the toggle a third time to reset.


Use the Sort By option to reorder your series by Recently Collected, Percent Completed, Release Date, or Alphabetical.


After selecting one of these parameters, you can reorder further by clicking on the arrow that appears in the menu. The example below shows the collection sorted alphabetically A-Z.


You can also use these options together to further refine your search. The example below shows all series that are Favorited, Incomplete, with cards Available for collection, sorted by Release Date.


Mix and match buttons and toggles to find the exact series you are looking for quickly and easily. 

How do I sort my collection?

There are a lot of ways to sort through your collection to find a specific card. To get started:

  1. Go to the website at https://www.neonmob.com/
  2. Click on the Home or Your Collection links in the top navigation
  3. Scroll through your collect until you find the series you would like to explore
  4. Hover over the series cover photo and click the center Your Series button as illustrated in the image below.

Clicking the Your Series button takes you to the series overview page. The page displays all the cards you have collected for this series alongside empty spaces showing which cards are still needed to complete your collection. Filter options are located in the two rows above your collection.


Beginning on the top left, the first button will take you back to the main collections page.


The next button to the right is the Series Progress Meter; this is the circular icon surrounding a percentage from 1-100%.

  • The inside ring indicates progress in collecting core cards of this series and fills clockwise in black
  • The outside ring indicates progress in collecting special cards of this series (chase, variants, et al) and fills clockwise in blue
  • The percentage is the total series completion for both core and special cards.

Click on this icon to see progress details.


The center option on the top row is the Series Select Menu. From the series overview, you can use this menu to jump to any other series. Click the arrow icon on the right side of the menu to see an alphabetical list of all the series you have collected. Browse this menu to find the series you would like to view and click the series name to see the series overview.


Once you have selected the series you would like to view, you can use the Sort By option to reorder the cards in the series alphabetically, by rarity, or by copies owned. After selecting one of these parameters, you can reorder further by clicking on the arrow that appears in the menu.


In the second row of filter options, the first button on the left is Favorited. Clicking this will instantly display all the cards in this series that you have marked as Favorite or Wishlist; empty spaces are Wishlist cards. 


The next button in the second row is the Unowned / Owned toggle. Click this once to display all the unowned cards in the series ...


... Click the Unowned / Owned toggle again to display all the cards you already own in the series. When displaying owned cards, the toggle will display a green checkmark as well as the word Owned. Click the toggle a third time to reset.


The third button in the second row is marked “x2” and stands for Duplicates. Click on this button to display all the cards collected in this series with more than one copy. Click this toggle again to reset.


The rectangular box containing gemstones is the Rarity Filter. Each gemstone reflects a different card rarity in ascending ordering from Common to Chase. Click on a a gemstone to display all the cards of that rarity in the series.


By using our sorting filters, you can mix and match buttons and toggles to find the exact card you are looking for quickly and easily. 

There are a few other buttons on the Series Overview page we would like to mention. The first is the Open Pack button in the top right of the filter options. Clicking this will take you to the open pack selection screen for this series so you can open or purchase a pack. Below this button are two icons: on the left is a trophy icon; on the right is a checklist icon. The checklist icon links directly to the full series page to view series details from the artist, a checklist of cards, and recent collecting activity. The trophy icon displays the series Milestones. Icons will fill the Milestones you have completed, as seen in the example below.


I have two copies of the same card. Which will I give away if I offer one in a trade?

When a collector owns more than one of the same card, the highest numbered card is always traded away.  For example, a collector who owns card #2 and card #202 will always give away card #202 first. This happens regardless of whether the collector has started the trade or is responding to another collector's offer.  Having this rule ensures a collector won’t accidentally trade away cards with low numbers, which are typically valued by collectors more highly.

What are trader grades?

Trader grades reflect how likely a trader is to allow a trade to expire.  Having an A+ grade does not mean this collector is more likely to accept a trade offer, but it does mean they will respond one way or another.  Traders receive lower grades for allowing trades to expire without responding.  

All collectors start out with a trader grade of B. Depending on how responsive they are to trade offers, their trader grade will improve or worsen.  In this case, Happy the Dog has a trader grade of A+ (the best possible).

Trader grades are a helpful way to choose who to trade with. They are shown when you view a list of owner of a card.

Trader grades can be improved over time. When you propose a trade, your trader grade improves. Likewise, when you respond quickly to trades offered to you, your grade improves.

What happens if a trade I propose is declined?

Nothing. There is no penalty to either collector if a trade is declined. After 48 hours, trades that are not accepted or declined expire automatically. To make a trade more appealing, consider offering more cards. Pay attention to your trading partner's collection to be sure you are offering cards that would be interesting to that collector.