What is NeonMob?

NeonMob is a community of artists and designers from all over the world creating original trading card series for everyone to discover and enjoy. Open packs and trade cards to collect incredible art, reach milestones, and complete series. The joy and nostalgia of collecting is captured in this social marketplace that never runs out of beautiful and inventive collectibles.

Independent artists contribute to the large and growing marketplace of original trading card series available on NeonMob. Click the links below to get an overview on how to begin your NeonMob adventure!

What is the copyright policy for creators?

All cards/artwork published to NeonMob must be original concepts created by you. Your submissions and series may only contain materials or images that were created entirely through your own effort and imagination.

Read our policy on fair use here. 

Failure to obtain proper permission for the use of materials protected under copyright leaves your NeonMob submissions, including all cards, artwork, and series, vulnerable to removal. Furthermore, creators found to violate our copyright policy are liable to have their account terminated and earnings, if any, reclaimed. You are ultimately responsible for ensuring copyright compliance for all images you post to NeonMob.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.

What is your policy on adaptations, fan art, and fair use?

NeonMob is a community that empowers artists to create, and collectors to discover, original artwork. By submitting art to NeonMob, you certify the work is your original idea and creation, and that it does not infringe on the copyright, intellectual property, or publicity rights of another individual or organization. You take full responsibility for everything you upload and publish on NeonMob. This is outlined in our Terms of Service; use of NeonMob indicates acceptance of all terms stated therein.


  • The best way to protect yourself from liability is to create 100% original concepts

  • Any work referencing existing characters or art must be significantly transformative in order to count as an original work

  • Simple drawings, reprocessed images, and product photos are not transformative

Creating Original and “Transformative” Work
All artwork you upload to NeonMob needs to be your original concept and creation. Adaptations of existing characters and artwork, including fan art, must meet strict requirements in order to be deemed “transformative” and qualify as fair use. If your work references another creator’s copyright (character, brand, trademark, or product), your work must significantly transform the way the original work was represented, expressed, and/or communicated in order to classify as an original creation.

When submitting art that references pre-existing art, ask yourself these questions:
— Has the material I have included from the original work been transformed by adding new expression or meaning?
— Did I add value to the original by creating new information, aesthetics, insights, and understandings, or was it merely a copy?

Examples of work that does not count as transformative:
— Familiar characters with a stylized treatment (examples: black & white, pixelated, color shift, etc.)
— Familiar characters redrawn by hand
— Photos of copyrighted products or characters with no transformative effect
— Unaltered public domain art

Keep in mind that fair use is an evolving, nuanced area of copyright law with many grey areas. Initial approval of your submission or series does not assure that your work qualifies as fair use, and your work can be removed even after it is published (and royalties withheld) in response to a third party complaint and/or further internal review.

Copyright Infringement
In the event you submit work created by another artist, you are in violation of copyright law, as well as in violation of the spirit of NeonMob. We take copyright violations very seriously and will remove the infringing image(s) from our marketplace as soon as the violation has been confirmed. Submission of stolen work will result in the termination of your account and a permanent ban from NeonMob. More on our copyright policy here.

Copyright resources
We recommend that you research the copyright laws relevant to the legal liability you assume when you upload artwork to be sold on NeonMob:


What happens if stolen art is used on NeonMob?

It’s very important that all the art published on NeonMob was personally produced by the submitting creator. For organizations or companies publishing a series on NeonMob, that entity must have the explicit right to use the artwork commercially. For details, please see our Terms of Service. 

In the rare instance a user successfully publishes someone else’s art as their own, NeonMob will take the following corrective steps: 

  • Confirm the plagiarism. Our team will investigate the claim that a series uses unauthorized artwork.

  • Discontinue the series. We make sure that no one can open new packs from the offending series.

  • Replace the artwork. In consideration of the actual artist, we will remove the unauthorized art and replace it with a standard “Art Removed” image.

  • Possible refunds to users that purchased packs. For anyone that purchased paid packs from the series, NeonMob will consider issuing a refund of the credits that were spent. We do not provide any kind of credit bonus or pack refund for users that opened free packs or received cards through trades.

  • Delete the offending user account. At a minimum, anyone caught passing someone else’s art off as their own is banned from NeonMob. Depending on the scope of the violation, we may take additional legal action against the individual.

What’s the difference between amateur and pro series?

There are two different types of series published on NeonMob, amateur and pro.

Amateur series are digital trading card series from NeonMob creators that are 100% free to collect and trade.

Just starting out as an artist or just new to NeonMob? Select the amateur option to create and submit a NeonMob series quickly and easily. You will get instant access to our creator publishing tools to upload your art directly to the NeonMob team for review. Anything you dream up could become a series as long as you follow a few simple guidelines: 

  • Your series must contain 15 or more unique cards

  • The art submitted is your original concept and creation (not images collected from the web or fan art of copyrighted properties)

  • Images are not pornographic, graphically violent, or similarly offensive

Amateur series don't earn royalties because only free packs are available to collect and no packs are sold. Therefore, amateur series are 100% free for collectors. NeonMob only publishes the very best of our amateur submissions and not every submission will be published.  

Pro series are digital trading card series from NeonMob creators available in both paid packs, which generate royalties for the series artist, and free packs.

Earn money by publishing your original art as trading cards on NeonMob! Publish your art as a pro series and collectors will be able to super charge their collection by purchasing paid packs of your series in addition to their daily free packs allotment. Artists receive royalties from all paid packs sold from their series.

Concepts for pro series are first submitted on the vote page for community review. If your concept receives a high number of votes from community members, you will receive access to our creator tools to upload your full series for final review. Once you submit your completed series, the NeonMob team will review and approve the series before adding it to our publication calendar. Although it may take a bit longer to publish than an amateur series, anyone can submit their concept for the opportunity to create a pro series and earn royalties from pack sales.

What makes a successful NeonMob submission?

Creating a successful NeonMob submission takes equal parts talent, strategy, and magic. There isn’t a particular kind of art or concept that makes a submission great; great submissions come in all forms and can incorporate traditionally "offline" mediums like oil or watercolor to purely digital mediums and everything in between. Although there isn’t a secret formula for winning community approval, there are some things you can do to increase your chances. 

Here are a few examples of incredible submissions that became full NeonMob series and how these submissions stood apart:

This submission by Thomas went on to become Alpacamon, and then Alpacamon 2. What makes this such a great submission? First off, the work is adorable — and Thomas' description clearly outlined his concept for the series: 152 illustrations of Alpacamons. Super clear, super awesome.

Jeremy Gardner's incredible submission became The Unknowns, a super popular series of dreamy-yet-spooky illustrations. Jeremy's submission description was perfect: "Portraits of strange, scary, dreamy and beautiful. Created while I dream awake late at night." While not as specific as Thomas' description (which outlined the exact number of illustrations), Jeremy had a clear vision for the theme connecting each of his images, and the submission image perfectly captured his vision. 308 likes later, meet The Unknowns.

Nigel Sussman submitted the above image based on a collection of illustrations he was already working on for his Kickstarter project. His succinctly description outlined his NeonMob series idea: "Food objects A-Z rendered in bold isometric hand-drawn line art on a colorful background." You don't have to be that specific, but it helps to throw in a description of the medium/style of your series, too!

Paulo Victor Graner came up with this really cool idea of a 'monster hierarchy,' and submitted this image of the reigning monster at the top of his fantastical hierarchy. Takeaway: Get weird! Create a whole new world, or reimagine an existing one.

Get more votes and maximize your chances of having your series concept approved by following this simple checklist for submissions. 

NeonMob collectors enjoy a wide range of topics, themes, and styles and all kinds of different artwork have been successful as trading card series on our platform. To make sure your art stands out, follow these simple rules when uploading your submission:

  • Submit only original concepts; please, no fan art or copyrighted content

  • Make sure the image is a good representation of your series concept

  • Upload a high quality, high resolution image

Series Description 
A good series description can help your submission gain votes and get approved. The more detail the better, but there are a few things you should definitely include for each new series submission. Answer these three questions to create a great series description:

  • What’s the theme or story of your series concept?

  • What’s the style or mood of the images?

  • How many illustrations do you plan on creating for your series?

Once you have submitted your series idea, tell people about it! Promote your series to family, friends, and social groups to increase your chance of getting community approval. Here are a few simple ideas to get word out about your voting submission:

  • Post the link to your voting submission on your social media profiles

  • Start a thread in our forums and get the community to check out your art

  • Encourage your art and trading card groups to vote for your series

Best Practices
NeonMob wants all our creators to be successful when submitting their engaging series concepts to our community of collectors. Make sure to follow these best practices to give your submission the best chance of becoming a full series:

  • Submit only one image per series idea. Ignore the urge to submit multiple images for the same series. Submissions are approved for full NeonMob series treatment based on the # of likes, strength of your idea, etc. — so don't risk spreading out the # of likes on multiple submissions. Stick to one! Trust us. (Multiple submissions also run the risk of being removed.)

  • Read the terms. Any images submitted must be your original work … this means both concept and creation. If you submit work that is not yours, including fan art of copyrighted properties, you are liable for copyright infringement — and your submission will be disqualified and / or removed. Additionally, any submission depicting inappropriate content including pornography, graphic violence, hate speech, et al. will be removed and the user suspended.

Email support@neonmob.com for any additional help with uploading your submission. 

What makes a good NeonMob series?



So you want to publish a series on NeonMob? Brilliant idea! We love you already :)  

The first step to creating a NeonMob series is to share a design created by you that best represents the theme and spirit of your concept on the submissions page. The best series are connected by a common artistic style, subject matter, and/or story. Read more about how to create a successful submission (and see some examples) right here.

Making a NeonMob series is a magical process of using your artistic talent to tell a captivating story. Each and every NeonMob series is different — from concept to medium to size to rarity distribution — so don't worry about getting it "right." Here are a few tips on crafting a winning NeonMob series:


Creators have published series of characters, abstract designs, landscapes, and more. Series can be flat illustrations (in JPG or PNG format) or short animations (in MPEG, MP4, or GIF format). You don't have to make art digitally in order to sell digital works; create your artwork with pen, pencil, paintbrush, or software — as long as the final works can be exported digitally, you're good.



Number of Cards

NeonMob series can range anywhere from 15 cards all the way up to 300+ cards. There's no right number of cards to include, but the sweet spot for most successful series is between 30 and 75 cards. That's not to say that series with fewer cards will be unsuccessful (and many smaller series have earned artists a fair amount of money, too). 

Titles & Descriptions

While the art is the most important part of your series, the words you use to name and describe your work is also a crucial element. Every card has context that only you know — so, make sure to take the time and tell the story of your work with 1-2 sentence (minimum) descriptions and clear, compelling titles.


Colored gem icons represent the rarities across a series. Cards that are part of your "core series" will be either common, uncommon, rare, very rare, or extra rare. Chases and variants are special rarities that are considered part of the "special series."

To learn more about assigning rarities, refer to our Creator Handbook.

Cover Image

One of the most fun parts of making a series is making the cover. Think of it like an album or book cover: you want your cover to convey the story of the series. It's up to you whether you want to overlay text over a single image, or a collage of images, or create an entirely new piece of artwork specifically for the cover. At the very least, your cover image should include the title of your series.

Here are a few examples of really awesome cover images:

CHAOTIC ATMOSPHERES,  Walter's experiments

CHAOTIC ATMOSPHERES, Walter's experiments





WEDNESDAY WOLF,  decayed dex

WEDNESDAY WOLF, decayed dex

For more on creating series, check out our Creator Handbook.

What image formats and file types can I upload to NeonMob?

When uploading images as a creator, please be mindful of the following parameters:

  • Images must be within the width to height aspect ratio constraints of 1:1 to 2:3 (square or portrait only; landscape is no longer accepted).

  • Images must have a minimum height & width of 1024 pixels, but larger is better.

  • Images must be one of these supported formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF, MP4, and GIF.

  • Images must be smaller than 30MB each.

How do I share a preview of my in-progress series?

Want to share your in-progress series on social? Use the SHARE button when editing any of your in-progress series to send a preview to your friends, family, and fans. This feature gives you a way to get feedback on your series during all phases of the creation process.


Here’s how it works:

  • Log into NeonMob and go to your creator dashboard

  • From your creator dashboard select ‘edit’ on any one of your in-progress series

  • From the series creator click on the SHARE button in the top right corner

  • Copy the shareable link or post directly to Facebook & Twitter


Show off your work and make sure to tag #NeonMob on social!

What happens after I submit my series?

Congratulations, you just created a new NeonMob series! Great work, you’re our favorite 😊



What now?
After you press "Submit" in the series publisher, your series submission will be received by our community team. Among other things, their job is to ensure that (a) the series meets our standards for content, (b) that all series and cards descriptions were completed, and (c) that the rarity distribution of your series is optimized for collection. If no problems exist with your submission, your series will be approved and prepared for publication. If your series requires amendments, the community team will return your series to you with an explanation of the revisions necessary for publication. 

Our community team reviews both pro and amateur series submissions every Monday & Tuesday. Pro series creators will receive an email confirmation from our community manager detailing their series publication date once their submission has been approved and added to our publication calendar. Amateur series creators will only receive email notifications if their series needs revisions.

When will my series be published?
Depending on availability in our publishing calendar, pro series submissions are generally published within 2 - 4 weeks of approval. 

Approved amateur series are typically published within 2 weeks of submission; however, only a very limited selection of the best amateur submissions are published each month and not all series will be approved.

How will I know when my series is available for collection?
All creators receive an auto-generated email notification once their series is published. This email contains information including the series link and a special redeem code for you to share with your fans on social.

Can I add more images after I submit my series?
Once your series is published and available for collection, it is locked and you cannot add more cards. By pressing ‘Submit' in the series publisher, you are acknowledging that your series is ready to be published. So unless you let us know prior to publication, once you submit your series we assume no changes are necessary. If you've submitted your series and want to make changes prior to publication, we can send it back to you for revision — just email us and let us know.

Why wasn't my amateur series published?

We created our amateur category so that artists new to NeonMob could easily publish a series introducing themselves to our collecting community. However, amateur series are still subject to review and there are a number of reasons why amateur series are not approved for publication.

  • The images submitted were not created by you. This can mean it's someone else's artwork, a copyrighted image, a screenshot from a video game, a meme, or an image or photograph taken from the web that you did not personally create.

  • The images submitted were fan art of a copyrighted series. NeonMob can only publish original concepts and creations and does not have the license to publish copyrighted concepts and fan art.

  • The images submitted were graphically violent, pornographic, or otherwise offensive.

  • The series has fewer than minimum 15 cards required for publication. All series must have at least 15 unique cards and a cover image to be considered for publication.

  • The series was submitted without a title, series description, or card descriptions.

  • Your submission did not meet our content standards for publication.

Comic via electricbunnycomics.com

Comic via electricbunnycomics.com

If your amateur series is not approved, you will receive a detailed explanation via email from our community team with instructions on amending your series and resubmitting (if applicable). Submissions containing copyrighted concepts or creation cannot be published and will be deleted from our system. NeonMob only publishes the very best of our amateur submissions and not every submission will be published.

How do creators earn money on NeonMob?

Creators receive a 30% royalty on pack sales of their pro series. You must have a PayPal account and be approved to receive payments in order to be a NeonMob creator. Usage of art on NeonMob is non-exclusive, meaning you can freely share or sell your original art in other venues besides NeonMob. 

Cleonique Hilsaca

Cleonique Hilsaca

We highly recommend using social media, artist platforms, press, and any other methods of advertising to tell the world about your trading card series once it is published and available for collection. Although NeonMob itself has a large community of collectors, you should not rely solely on our existing community of collectors to support pack sales of your series. To be more successful in selling your art, rally your fans, friends, and family to collect your series and trade with other collectors.

How do creators get paid?

With our “self-pay” functionality, creators on NeonMob can initiate their royalty payment once a month from the stats page through their creator dashboard. Choose to send your earnings through PayPal or convert your royalties into NeonMob credits … choose when to get paid and how to get paid! To view the stats page in your creator dashboard, hover over the CREATE dropdown in the top navigation of the website and click on the Dashboard link.


Cash Out Via PayPal
NeonMob uses PayPal to send royalty payments to creators in a timely, seamless fashion. You must have an active PayPal account in good standing and be approved to receive payments in order to be a NeonMob creator and receive royalty payments.

From your creator dashboard, click on “stats” to see your earnings. From the stats page, click on the CASH OUT VIA PAYPAL button located at the bottom of the payments section to initiate the self-pay process and have your royalty earnings transferred to your PayPal account.


The payment pop-up window will appear with an area to enter your PayPal email address. The pay out button will include the total amount to be paid via PayPal. The example image below has a sample amount entered for reference. To complete the transaction, enter your PayPal email address and press the pay out button.


You will be asked to confirm your PayPal email address on the next window by clicking CONFIRM.

Your entire balance will be transferred via PayPal upon completing these steps and the transaction will be recorded in the Payments section of your creator dashboard on the stats page.

Get NeonMob Credits
From your creator dashboard, click on “stats” to see your earnings. From the stats page, click on the GET NEONMOB CREDITS button located at the bottom of the payments section to initiate the self-pay process and have your royalty earnings converted into NeonMob credits. Creators receive 50% bonus credits when converting their royalty earnings to NeonMob credits.

The credits screen will appear and show the total number of NeonMob credits that you will receive when converting your royalty earnings. The example image below has a sample amount entered for reference. To complete the transaction, press the blue GET NEONMOB CREDITS button at the bottom of this screen.

You will be asked to confirm that you would like to convert your earnings to NeonMob credits on the next window by clicking OK.

Your entire balance will be converted to NeonMob credits upon completing these steps and the transaction will be recorded in the Payments section of your creator dashboard on the stats page.

Self-Pay Details
Please take note of these important details regarding self-pay:

  • Auto-pay is no longer available and all creators must use self-pay to collect earnings

  • Creators can collect their earnings through self-pay once every 30 calendar days 

  • Creators need to have a minimum of $5 in earnings to cash out

  • Creators need to have a minimum of $0.50 in earnings to convert to credits

  • Creator is responsible for any applicable PayPal transaction fees 

  • PayPal payments unclaimed within 30 days will be auto-cancelled

  • Credits are not transferable and are not redeemable for future payments

  • All transactions are final and non-reversible

For other questions or to report a problem, please email support@neonmob.com