How do I block another NeonMob user?

Not all NeonMobsters have to be your best friends. In the (hopefully rare!) instance that you wish to block another NeonMob user, you can do so in just a few simple steps:

1. Open a chat message with the user. You can do this from the "Trades & Messages" tab or by clicking "Message" on the profile of the user.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 1.06.50 PM.png

2. Look for the "Block" button near the top of the chat window. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 1.09.23 PM.png

Clicking on this icon, and the user will be locked from messaging you, initiating new trades with you, and search for you in the friends search. If the blocked user attempts to message you or initiate a trade, these options will be greyed out and appear unavailable.

To unblock a user, go to that user's profile and open a message with them. Click the "Unblock" button. All messaging and trading features will be immediately restored, and you will appear available to them if they search for you.

In the event you are experiencing harassment or trolling, please do not hesitate to contact the NeonMob community team at, in addition to blocking the offending user. 

What is the difference between unlimited vs. limited edition series?

Unlimited Series
Many series released on NeonMob are unlimited, which means they will never sell out and there is no limit on how many cards are produced for collectors. However, each unlimited edition series is only available to collect for a specific amount of time; once the time frame for collection has passed, the series will go out-of-print for collectors.

Because unlimited series never sell out, they can be re-opened for collection at a later date.

Limited Edition Series
Some series released on NeonMob are limited edition collections, meaning that each card in a limited edition series has a finite number of copies created for distribution. Once all the cards in a limited edition series have been opened by collectors, the series is sold out forever and will go out-of-print for collection. Because limited edition series have a finite number of cards available, many collectors consider these cards to be more valuable than unlimited series.

Limited edition series cannot be re-opened for collection as no additional cards will be produced. 

With both unlimited and limited edition series, once a series is out-of-print the only way to collect cards is to trade with existing owners. 

What happens after I submit my series?

Congratulations, you just created a new NeonMob series! Great work, you’re our favorite 😊



What now?
After you press "Submit" in the series publisher, your series submission will be received by our trusty community team. Among other things, their job is to ensure that (a) the series meets our standards for content, (b) that both series and cards descriptions were included, and (c) that the correct number of each card rarity exists. Assuming all is well, your series is approved and prepared for publication. If your series requires amendments, the team will return your series to you with an explanation of the revisions needed. 

Our community team reviews both pro and amateur series submissions every Monday. Pro series creators will receive an email confirmation from our community manager detailing their series publication date once their submission has been approved and added to our publication calendar. Amateur series creators will only receive email notifications if their series needs revisions.


So when will my series be published?
Depending on the availability in our publishing calendar, approved pro series submissions are generally published within 2 - 4 weeks of submission. 

Approved amateur series are typically published within 2 weeks of submission; however, only a very limited selection of the best amateur submissions are published each month and not all series will be approved.


How will I know when my series is available for collection?
All creators receive an auto-generated email notification once their series is published with information including the series link and a special redeem code for fans. 


Can I add more images after I submit my series?
Once your series is published and is available for collection, it is locked and you cannot add more cards. By pressing ‘Submit' in the series publisher, you are acknowledging that your series is ready to be published. So unless you let us know prior to publication, once you submit your series we assume no changes are necessary. If you've submitted your series and want to make changes prior to publication, we can send it back to you for revision — just email us and let us know.

What happens if stolen art is used on NeonMob?

It’s important that all of the art on NeonMob was produced by the person that submitted it to be published. Or if it’s an organization or company that’s publishing a series, that entity must have the explicit right to use the artwork. It’s spelled out clearly in NeonMob’s terms.


If a user ignores the rules and attempts to pass off someone else’s art as their own by publishing work that is not original, NeonMob will take the following steps to rectify the situation.

Confirm the plagiarism. Our team investigates the claim that a series uses unauthorized artwork.

Discontinue the series. We make sure that no one can open new packs from the offending series.

Replace the artwork. One of the most important steps, we remove the unauthorized art and replace with a standard “Art Removed” image out of consideration for the actual artist.

Possibly refund any users that purchased packs. For anyone that purchased paid packs from the series, NeonMob will consider issuing a refund of the credits that were spent by affected users. We do not provide any kind of credit bonus or pack refund for users that opened free packs or received cards through trades.

Delete the offending user account. At a minimum, anyone caught passing someone else’s art off as their own is banned from NeonMob. Depending on the scope of the violation, we may take additional legal action against the individual.

Why wasn't my amateur series published?

We created our amateur category so that artists new to NeonMob could easily publish a series and introduce themselves to our collecting community. However, amateur series are still subject to review and there are a number of reasons why amateur series are not approved for publication.  

 Comic via

Comic via

  • The images submitted were not created by you. This can mean it's someone else's artwork, a copyrighted image, a screenshot from a video game, a meme, or an image just taken from the web.
  • The images submitted were fan art of a copyrighted series. NeonMob can only publish original concepts and creations and does not have the license to publish copyrighted concepts and fan art.
  • The images submitted were graphically violent, pornographic, or otherwise offensive. 
  • The series has fewer than minimum 15 cards required for publication. All series must have at least 15 unique cards and a cover image to be published.
  • The series was submitted without a title, series description, or card descriptions.
  • Your submission did not meet our amateur series revised standards for publication.

If your amateur series is not approved, you will receive a detailed explanation via email from our community manager with instructions on amending your series and resubmitting (when applicable). Submissions containing copyrighted concepts or creation cannot be published and will be deleted. 

NeonMob only publishes the very best of our amateur submissions and not every submission will be published. As the amateur option is intended to introduce new and emerging artist to the NeonMob community, each creator is limited to a small number of amateur submissions that will be accepted for review. Once a creator reaches their limit for amateur series published, they are encouraged to submit future concepts as pro series for community vote.

What makes a good NeonMob series?



So you want to publish a series on NeonMob! Brilliant idea. We love you already.  

Note: The best place to learn about creating a series for NeonMob is our Creator Handbook

The first step to creating a NeonMob series is to share a design created by you that best represents the theme and spirit of your concept on the Submissions page. The best series are connected by a common artistic style, subject matter, and/or story. Read more about how to create a successful submission (and see some examples) right here!

Making a NeonMob series is a magical process of using your artistic talent to tell a captivating story. Each and every NeonMob series is different — from concept to medium to size to rarity distribution — so don't worry about getting it "right." Here are a few tips on crafting a winning NeonMob series:


Creators have published series of characters, abstract designs, landscapes, and more. Series can be flat illustrations (in JPG or PNG format) or short animations (in MPEG, MP4, or GIF format). You don't have to make art digitally in order to sell digital works; create your artwork with pen, pencil, paintbrush, or software — as long as the final works can be exported digitally, you're good.



Number of Cards

NeonMob series can range anywhere from 15 cards all the way up to 300+ cards. There's no right number of cards to include, but the sweet spot for most successful series is between 30 and 75 cards. That's not to say that series with fewer cards will be unsuccessful (and many smaller series have earned artists a fair amount of money, too). 

Titles & Descriptions

While the art is the most important part of your series, the words you use to name and describe your work is also a crucial element. Every card has context that only you know — so, make sure to take the time to tell the story of your work with 1-2 sentence (minimum) descriptions and clear, compelling titles.


Colored gem icons represent the approximate rarities across a series. Cards that are part of your "core series" will be either common, uncommon, rare, very rare, or extremely rare. Chases (and, in the past, variants) are special rarities that are considered part of the "special series."

To learn more about assigning rarities, refer to our Creator Handbook.

Cover Image

One of the most fun parts of making a series is making the cover. Think of it like an album or book cover: You want your cover to convey the story of the series. It's up to you whether you want to overlay text over a single image, or a collage of images, or create an entirely new artwork specifically for the cover. At the very least, your cover image should include the title of your series.

Here are a few examples of really awesome cover images:

  CHAOTIC ATMOSPHERES,  Walter's experiments

CHAOTIC ATMOSPHERES, Walter's experiments





  WEDNESDAY WOLF,  decayed dex

WEDNESDAY WOLF, decayed dex

For more on creating series, check out our Creator Handbook.

Cheating on NeonMob: Rules, Reporting, and Consequences

NeonMob users may operate one account only. Opening or operating multiple accounts, or using other people to operate accounts from which you primarily benefit, is strictly forbidden.

Examples of cheating include: 

  • Inviting "dummy" accounts to NeonMob
  • Using friends or family members to open accounts which you operate or primarily benefit from
  • Repeated lopsided trades between collectors

Identifying & Reporting Cheaters

NeonMob relies on custom integrated tools as well as manual reports to identify cheaters. If you suspect other collectors of cheating, we encourage you to report them by emailing

Consequences for Cheaters

Collectors found to be violating these rules may be subject to a range of consequences, including having their accounts seized and closed without warning.  

The decision to close accounts is entirely up to the discretion of the NeonMob moderators and community service team. The best way to protect your account and reputation is to operate only one account.

Creators Found Cheating

Creators with existing published series who are discovered to be cheating will have their accounts remain open but will not be allowed to open packs, trade, or opening any new series. All pending royalties will be canceled. To protect collectors, published series will remain available for collection.  Unreleased series will not be permitted to be published. For further detail, please refer to the NeonMob Terms of Service.

How do I share a preview of my in-progress series?

We launched an exciting feature just for creators — the WIP share button! Now, when you are creating a series, you can share a preview of the series with friends, family, and the greater public. We added this feature to give you a way to get feedback on your series at all phases of the creation process. 

Here's how it works:
— log into NeonMob and go to your Creator Dashboard
— from there, select to 'edit' any of your in-progress series
— within the series creator, you will now see a new button right next to 'preview' — the 'share' button! 
— click 'share' to get a link to a public preview of your series page

Make sure to tag #NeonMobWIP whenever you share your series preview page on social!

What image formats and file types can I upload to NeonMob?

When uploading images as a creator, please be mindful of the following parameters:

  • Images must be within the width to height aspect ratio constraints of 1:1 to 2:3 (square or portrait only; landscape is no longer accepted).

  • Images must have a minimum height & width of 1024 pixels, but larger is better.

  • Images must be one of these supported formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF, MP4, and GIF.

  • Images must be smaller than 30MB each.