What are trader grades?

Each collector is assessed a trader grade A - F which reflects their responsiveness to trade offers. All collectors begin with a trader grade of B. Your trader grade will then increase or decrease over time depending on how responsive you are to trade offers. 

Collectors receive lower grades for allowing trades to expire after 48 hours without responding either through accepting the trade, declining the trade, or countering the trade. Collectors receive higher grades for offering equitable trades and responding quickly to trade offers. The higher the trader grade, the less likely the collector will allow a trade offer to expire. For example, Happy The Dog has a trader grade of A+ (the best possible) and responds quickly to all trade offers.

Having an A+ grade does not mean a collector is more likely to accept a trade offer, but it does mean they will respond one way or another. In this way, trader grades can be a helpful tool in choosing a reliable trading partner. Trader grades are shown for each collector when you initiate a trade.


Collectors with higher trader grades receive many more trade offers than collectors without. Trade regularly and responsibly to keep your trader grade at an A+ to maximize your trading opportunities!

What happens if a trade I propose is declined?

Nothing. There is no penalty to either collector if a trade is declined. After 48 hours, trades that are not accepted or declined expire automatically. To make a trade more appealing, consider offering more cards. Pay attention to your trading partner's collection to be sure you are offering cards that would be interesting to that collector.

Can I offer the same trade to more than one person?

Yes, and then the race is on! The first collector to respond will be able to accept your trade. If a trade cannot be completed due to the artworks no longer being available when a collector responds to an offer, the transaction will not go through.  When you have multiple trades that contain the same card, the first trade accepted will trigger an auto-decline or auto-withdraw for all remaining trades.

How can I earn more packs?

You can gain additional free packs every day by participating on NeonMob and receiving a streak bonus. Open a pack every day to keep your streak going!

Points will be your main way to get more packs. Points are a rewards currency that you can redeem for additional packs or other items. Currently, you can earn points by discarding unwanted or duplicate cards from your collection or by completing series milestones while collecting. We are continually working to expand our points reward system for collectors so keep an eye out for future earning opportunities!

What are streaks?

Return to NeonMob day after day and receive a Streaks reward!

Your Streak begins the first time you open a pack; on that first day, you will automatically receive one free pack as a reward for collecting.


Come back the next day and open a pack, you will automatically receive two free packs. Keep your Streak going by opening at least one pack every day and see your rewards increase!


Miss a day and you’ll fall back to 0. Open packs every day and keep your Streak going!

What are points?

Earning and spending points is another way to grow your collection on NeonMob. Points are a rewards currency that you can redeem for additional packs or other items. You can earn points through specific actions like discarding, for completing collecting objectives, or by participating in the community. 

Your points counter on the top right of your profile shows the total points you have earned and have available to spend. You can see your points counter on both the website ... 


... and on the iOS app. 

Earning points
Earn points for discarding unwanted or duplicate cards from your collection. You can discard from both the website or the iOS app to earn points. See the discarding FAQ for more details. 

Earn points for completing series milestones. Receive points immediately for completing each core rarity level (common through extremely rare) and receive an additional difficulty bonus once you complete the core series. Get even more points for collecting all the chase / special cards of a series.

Spending points
Redeem your points for Sapphire packs of your favorite unlimited series currently available for collection. Sapphire packs offer the same odds as free packs and you can open one per series per day using points. Each Sapphire pack costs 10,000 points. 

More coming soon!
We are continually working to expand the points system for collectors. Soon you will be able to both earn and redeem points in a variety of ways. Points will be your main way to get more packs so keep an eye out for future earning opportunities! 

What are milestones?

Milestones are awards given to collectors for reaching certain collecting or trading goals. In addition to receiving a digital trophy, milestones reward collectors for their participation by giving you points that can be redeemed for packs of your favorite NeonMob series. There are two types of milestones on NeonMob: collector milestones & series milestones.

Collector Milestones
These milestones are specific to each collector and reflect your overall participation in the NeonMob community. Collect 500 cards to get the Guggenheim; propose a trade to receive the Let’s Make a Deal milestone; claim free packs 7 days in a row and be a Free Pack Patron. There are dozens of milestones to reward and challenge you in your collecting journey!

To view your collector milestones, click on the milestones link on your home page. You can find the milestones link directly under your trader grade on the right of the page.


Completed milestones will show a trophy underneath the milestone name. Click the BRAG! link to post your milestone to social media. Milestones you have yet to complete will show the trophy area blank with a dotted outline.


Series Milestones
In addition to collector milestones, you can complete milestones for each series you collect to earn points and highlight your collecting progress. From any series page in your collection, click on the milestone icon to the right of the rarity filter to see your series milestones.


Completed milestones will show a trophy underneath the milestone name. Milestones you have yet to complete will show the trophy area blank with a dotted outline. Secret milestones will not show unless you unlock the achievement. Points awarded for series milestones vary by series based on number of cards, series difficulty, and other factors.


NeonMob is always working to expand the number of milestones we offer our collecting community. Check your milestone page periodically to see if any new entries have been posted or if you have unlocked a secret milestone reward.

How does discarding work?

Collectors can trade in unwanted or duplicate cards in exchange for points. Each card is assigned a point value that you will receive upon discarding that card. Points can then be redeemed for free packs or other rewards. On the website, roll over any card in a collection to bring up the available options for that specific card. If you roll over the center discarding symbol, you will see the point value for that card.


Once you have clicked the center discard button, you will see a screen like the one below. Using the + & - signs, select the number of cards you would like to discard. Once you have selected the number of copies you would like to discard, click on the YES, DISCARD button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


The YES, DISCARD button will bring up a confirmation screen verifying the number of points you will receive. Click OK to discard the selected cards for points and remove them permanently from your collection.


If you try to discard all the copies you have a card you will receive a warning. You can discard all copies of a card if you would like by selecting OK from this screen, but please note that discarding is permanent and cannot be reversed so be mindful of what you discard.


Once you have completed the discarding process, you will receive this notification detailing the points received for this discard transaction as well as your overall point total. Click the button marked CLOSE to clear this notification.


That’s it, discarding complete! Reach 10,000 points and you can trade that in for a Sapphire pack of any available series. Additional reward options will be implemented in future updates. Just a few more notes to keep in mind when you are discarding:

  • One final reminder that discarding is permanent and that once you discard a card there is no way to reverse the transaction ... once it's gone, it's gone.

  • Keep trading in mind when choosing how many duplicates to discard. If you are still working on a series, we recommend you keep a certain number of high value or low print number cards to sweeten a deal. To a dedicated collector, a hard to find low-numbered rare card might be worth more than the discard points.

  • Even if you discard all copies of a card or an entire series, whatever milestones you may have gained from those cards will be retained.

What if I want to discard multiple cards at once?

Users can discard up to ten cards (and duplicates) at a time from multiple series. Click on the center discard button of any card in your collection on the website to initiate the discarding process and you will see a screen like the one below.


To discard multiple cards at once, click the + ADD MORE CARDS button. Use the search features available on this screen to find additional cards to discard. Search by series, duplicates, and rarity. Once you find the card, click the + button to add it to your discard pile.


This card has now been added to your discard overview screen. You can now select the number of copies of each card you would like to discard by using the + / - symbols.


Add to your discard pile by continuing to click the + ADD MORE CARDS button. Once you have selected the cards you would like to discard, click YES, DISCARD to complete the transaction and receive your points.

How does discarding work on iOS?

Similar to how discarding works on the website, you are able to trade in unwanted of duplicate cards for points on iOS as well. Visit the series for which you would like to discard unwanted cards and click the banner at the bottom of the screen to see the series details page.


Scroll down on the Series Details page and click on the Discard this Series link.


From this page you can select the cards you would like to trade in for points. Each card will display the amount of points you will receive in the center discard button. Click on the discard button to select the card you would like discard.


Once you have selected a card to discard, you will be shown the discarding overview screen. If this is the only card you would like to trade in for points, click the discard button at the bottom of this screen. 

If you would like to discard more cards, click the + ADD MORE CARDS link at the top of the screen. You will be taken to the following page to add more cards to your discard pile.

Use the filters on this screen to quickly find additional cards to discard. You can discard up to 10 unique cards and duplicates of those 10 cards. Once you have selected all the cards you would like to trade in for points, click the discard button at the bottom of the discarding overview screen.

What does the future hold for NeonMob?

We are excited to be constantly growing and improving NeonMob.  We cannot disclose our precise plans, but we are actively building new features and functionality for the platform.  What you see today is only our first step. We look forward to bringing you more ways to create, sell, collect, and enjoy digital art and trading cards. 

If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see on the site, please email us at feedback@neonmob.com or join the conversation on our Forums

If you are interested in jobs, reach out to jobs@neonmob.com or check out or jobs page.

What is my display case? How does it work?

Your display case appears at the top of your profile page. It's a great way to show off some of the cards in your collection.  By default, the display case will select random cards from your collection to display.

You can replace any item in your display case with a random or specific print by clicking the "Replace" button.  The 8 positions with the display case will always shift and cannot be fixed.

Can I have more than one account on NeonMob?

No. If you have more than one account, close the duplicate account(s) immediately.

You may create and operate only one (1) account on NeonMob.
Operating more than one account is considered “cheating” on NeonMob. This includes duplicate accounts you may personally operate or accounts nominally operated by others but which solely benefit your main account. Obtaining free packs / cards beyond the standard daily allotment by funneling through a duplicate account is absolutely not allowed and will result in all active accounts being closed.

We take this behavior seriously because of the negative impact cheating has on the community of creators and collectors who use the platform as it is intended. Creators lose money in pack sales when you cheat. Collectors lose trading opportunities when you cheat. These are real people who are all affected when you cheat. So don’t open more than one account. Don’t have your friend or your family member open an account just to send you all their cards. Cheating on NeonMob is bad. Just don’t do it.

I can refer people to NeonMob and trade with them without it being considered cheating?
Yes, absolutely! If you have a friend or family member that you think would enjoy collecting and trading on NeonMob, please invite them to create an account. If they use their account to build their own personal collection within the NeonMob rules and guidelines, you can trade with them fairly as you would all other collectors. 

However, if your friend or family member opened the account simply to open packs and send the best cards to you then this is cheating. If lopsided trades are repeatedly and regularly benefiting one account, then all associated accounts will be closed. 

More on the Rules of NeonMob.

What’s the difference between amateur and pro series?

There are two different types of series published on NeonMob, amateur and pro.

Amateur series are digital trading card series from NeonMob creators that are 100% free to collect and trade.

Just starting out as an artist or just new to NeonMob? Select the amateur option to create and submit a NeonMob series quickly and easily. You will get instant access to our creator publishing tools to upload your art directly to the NeonMob community team for review. Anything you dream up could become a series as long as you follow a few simple guidelines: 

  • Your series must contain 15 or more unique cards
  • The art submitted is your original concept and creation (not images collected from the web or fan art of copyrighted properties)
  • Images are not pornographic, graphically violent, or similarly offensive

Amateur series don't earn royalties because only free packs are available to collect and no packs are sold. Therefore, amateur series are 100% free for collectors. NeonMob only publishes the very best of our amateur submissions and not every submission will be published. As the amateur option is intended to introduce new and emerging artist to the NeonMob community, each creator is limited to a small number of amateur submissions that will be accepted for review.  


Pro series are digital trading card series from NeonMob creators available in both free and paid packs which generate royalties for the series artist.

Earn money by publishing your original art as trading cards on NeonMob as a pro series! Pro series are available in both free and paid packs. Artists receive royalties from all paid packs sold from their series. 

Concepts for pro series are first submitted on the Vote page for community review. If your concept receives a high number of votes from community members, you will receive access to our creator tools to upload your full series for final review. Once you submit your completed series, the NeonMob team will review and approve the series before adding it to our publication calendar. Although it may take a bit longer to publish than an amateur series, anyone can submit their concept for the opportunity to create a pro series and earn royalties from pack sales.

What makes a successful NeonMob submission?

Creating a successful NeonMob submission takes equal parts talent, strategy, and magic. There isn’t a particular kind of art or concept that makes a submission great; great submissions come in all forms and can incorporate traditionally "offline" mediums like oil or watercolor to purely digital mediums and everything in between. Although there isn’t a secret formula for winning community approval, there are some things you can do to increase your chances. 

Here are a few examples of incredible submissions that became full NeonMob series and how these submissions stood apart:

This submission by Thomas went on to become Alpacamon, and then Alpacamon 2. What makes this such a great submission? First off, the work is adorable — and Thomas' description clearly outlined his concept for the series: 152 illustrations of Alpacamons. Super clear, super awesome.

Jeremy Gardner's incredible submission became The Unknowns, a super popular series of dreamy-yet-spooky illustrations. Jeremy's submission description was perfect: "Portraits of strange, scary, dreamy and beautiful. Created while I dream awake late at night." While not as specific as Thomas' description (which outlined the exact number of illustrations), Jeremy had a clear vision for the theme connecting each of his images, and the submission image perfectly captured his vision. 308 likes later, meet The Unknowns.

Nigel Sussman submitted the above image based on a collection of illustrations he was already working on for his Kickstarter project. His succinctly description outlined his NeonMob series idea: "Food objects A-Z rendered in bold isometric hand-drawn line art on a colorful background." You don't have to be that specific, but it helps to throw in a description of the medium/style of your series, too!

Paulo Victor Graner came up with this really cool idea of a 'monster hierarchy,' and submitted this image of the reigning monster at the top of his fantastical hierarchy. Takeaway: Get weird! Create a whole new world, or reimagine an existing one.

Get more votes and maximize your chances of having your series concept approved by following this simple checklist for submissions. 

NeonMob collectors enjoy a wide range of topics, themes, and styles and all kinds of different artwork have been successful as trading card series on our platform. To make sure your art stands out, follow these simple rules when uploading your submission:

  • Submit only original concepts; please, no fan art or copyrighted content
  • Make sure the image is a good representation of your series concept
  • Upload a high quality, high resolution image 

Series Description 
A good series description can help your submission gain votes and get approved. The more detail the better, but there are a few things you should definitely include for each new series submission. Answer these three questions & you'll be golden!

  • What’s the theme or story of your series concept?
  • What’s the style or mood of the images?
  • How many illustrations do you plan on creating for your series?

Once you have submitted your series idea, tell people about it! Promote your series to family, friends, and groups to increase your chance of getting community approval. Here are a few simple ideas to get word out about your voting submission:

  • Post the link to your voting submission on your social media profiles
  • Start a thread in our forums and get the community to check out your art
  • Encourage your art and trading card groups to vote for your series 

Best Practices
NeonMob wants all our creators to be successful when submitting their engaging series concepts to our community of collectors. Make sure to follow these best practices to give your submission the best chance of becoming a full series:

  • Submit only one image per series idea. Ignore the urge to submit multiple images for the same series. Submissions are approved for full NeonMob series treatment based on the # of likes, strength of your idea, etc — so you don't want to risk spreading out the # of likes on multiple submissions. Stick to one! Trust us. (Multiple submissions also run the risk of being removed.)
  • Read the terms. Any images submitted must be your original work … this means both concept and creation. If you submit work that is not yours, including fan art of copyrighted properties, you are liable for copyright infringement — and your submission will be disqualified and / or removed. Additionally, any submission depicting inappropriate content including pornography, graphic violence, hate speech, et al. will be removed and the user suspended. 

Email support@neonmob.com for any additional help with uploading your submission. 

How can I turn off trade offers?

You can disable trade offers through your account settings on both web and iOS. This feature will disable trade offers, both inbound and outbound, and will also disable all trade notification emails. You cannot have any outstanding trade offers pending in order to disable trades.

Disabling trade offers on web
To disable trades on the website, go to the account settings page. To reach this page, hover over your profile icon in the top right corner of the site navigation and click on the “Account Settings” link.


Once on the account settings page, scroll down past profile information and email subscriptions until you see the following toggle in the YES position.


To disable trades, switch this toggle to the NO position. Switch back to YES to enable trades again.


Disabling trade offers on iOS
To disable trades on the iOS app, go to the account settings page. To reach this page, first click on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the navigation.


You will be taken to the My Profile page of your account.


From the My Profile page, you can reach account settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page.


Once on the account settings page, scroll down past your personal information to the Disable Trades toggle. Click on the toggle until it goes to the right and is colored like the image below. 


Once the Disable Trades toggle is moved to the right, scroll to the top of the account settings page to save your changes and disable trades. You will see the Save button in the top right hand corner after you have switched the toggle. Reverse this process to enable trades again. 


How can I use the art/cards in my collection outside of NeonMob?

All the cards found on NeonMob are owned by NeonMob, the creators, and/or 3rd parties that have licensed their work to NeonMob. Outside of NeonMob, you may view and display your collection non-commercially.

Commercial or unauthorized use of the content on NeonMob may violate copyright, trademark, and other laws. You may not use any of the cards/artwork on NeonMob in any connection to a company or product you are promoting, selling, or otherwise represent. For details, see our Terms of Service.

For use of cards/artwork on social networks, it is required to attribute NeonMob and the original artist and to link back to the original source on NeonMob. If you have any questions, please contact us at feedback@neonmob.com.

How do creators earn money on NeonMob?

Creators receive a 30% royalty on pack sales of their series. You must have a PayPal account and be approved to receive payments in order to be a NeonMob creator. Usage of art on NeonMob is non-exclusive, meaning you can freely share or sell your original art in other venues besides NeonMob. 

  Cleonique Hilsaca

Cleonique Hilsaca

We highly recommend using social media, press, and any other methods of advertising to tell the world about your trading card series once it is published and available for collection. Although NeonMob itself has a large community of collectors, you should not rely solely on our existing community of collectors to support pack sales of your series. To be more successful in selling your art, rally your fans, friends, and family to collect your series and trade with other collectors.

How do creators get paid?

With our “self-pay” update, creators on NeonMob can now initiate their royalty payment once a month through the creator dashboard. Choose to send your earnings through PayPal or convert your royalties into NeonMob credits. Now you can choose when to get paid and how to get paid! To view the stats page in your creator dashboard, hover over the CREATE dropdown in the top navigation of the website and click on the Dashboard link.


Cash Out Via PayPal
NeonMob uses PayPal to send payments to creators in a timely, seamless fashion. You must have an active PayPal account in good standing and be approved to receive payments in order to be a NeonMob creator and receive royalty payments.

From your creator dashboard, click on “stats” to see your earnings. From the stats page, click on the CASH OUT VIA PAYPAL button located at the bottom of the payments section to initiate the self-pay process and have your royalty earnings transferred to your PayPal account.


The payment pop-up window will appear with an area to enter your PayPal email address. The pay out button will include the total amount to be paid via PayPal. The example image below has a sample amount entered for reference. To complete the transaction, enter your PayPal email address and press the pay out button.


You will be asked to confirm your PayPal email address on the next window by clicking CONFIRM.

Your entire balance will be transferred via PayPal upon completing these steps and the transaction will be recorded in the Payments section of your creator dashboard on the stats page.

Get NeonMob Credits
From your creator dashboard, click on “stats” to see your earnings. From the stats page, click on the GET NEONMOB CREDITS button located at the bottom of the payments section to initiate the self-pay process and have your royalty earnings converted into NeonMob credits. Creators receive 50% bonus credits when converting their royalty earnings to NeonMob credits.

The credits screen will appear and show the total number of NeonMob credits that you will receive when converting your royalty earnings. The example image below has a sample amount entered for reference. To complete the transaction, press the blue GET NEONMOB CREDITS button at the bottom of this screen.

You will be asked to confirm that you would like to convert your earnings to NeonMob credits on the next window by clicking OK.

Your entire balance will be converted to NeonMob credits upon completing these steps and the transaction will be recorded in the Payments section of your creator dashboard on the stats page.

Self-Pay Details
Please take note of these important details regarding self-pay:

  • Auto-pay is no longer available and creators must use self-pay to collect earnings

  • Creators can collect their earnings through self-pay once every 30 calendar days 

  • Creators need to have a minimum of $5 in earnings to cash out

  • Creators need to have a minimum of $0.50 in earnings to convert to credits

  • Creator is responsible for any applicable PayPal transaction fees 

  • PayPal payments unclaimed within 30 days will be auto-cancelled

  • Credits are not transferable and are not redeemable for future payments

  • All transactions are final and non-reversible

For other questions or to report a problem, please email support@neonmob.com

What is the copyright policy for creators?

All cards/artwork published to NeonMob must be original and created by you. Your submissions and series may only contain materials or images that were created entirely through your own effort. 

Read our policy on fair use here. 

Failure to obtain proper permission for the use of materials protected under copyright leaves your NeonMob submissions and cards/artwork/series vulnerable to removal. Furthermore, creators found to violate our copyright policy are liable to have their account terminated and earnings, if any, reclaimed. You are ultimately responsible for all images you post to NeonMob.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.

What is your policy on adaptations, fan art, and fair use?

NeonMob is a community that seeks to empower artists to create, and collectors to discover, original artwork.

By submitting work to NeonMob, you certify the work is your original idea and creation, and that it does not infringe on the copyright, intellectual property, or publicity rights of another individual or organization. You take full responsibility for everything you upload and publish on NeonMob. This is outlined in our terms of service, and use of NeonMob indicates acceptance of all terms stated therein.


  • The best way to protect yourself from liability is to create 100% original concepts and work
  • Any work that references existing characters or art must be significantly transformative in order to count as an original work
  • Simple drawings, reprocessed images, and product photos are not transformative

Creating Original and “Transformative” Work
All artwork you upload to NeonMob needs to be your original concept and artwork. This includes adaptations of existing characters and artwork, including fan art, which must meet strict requirements in order to be deemed “transformative” and qualify as fair use.

If your work references another creator’s copyright (character, brand, trademark, or product), your work must significantly transform the way the original work was represented, expressed, and/or communicated in order to classify as an original creation. Keep in mind that fair use is an evolving, nuanced area of copyright law with many grey areas.

Initial approval of your submission or series does not assure that your work qualifies as fair use, and your work can be removed even after it is published (and royalties withheld) in response to a third party complaint and/or further internal review.

When submitting art that references pre-existing art, ask yourself these questions:
— Has the material I have included from the original work been transformed by adding new expression or meaning?
— Did I add value to the original by creating new information, aesthetics, insights, and understandings, or was it merely a copy?

Examples of work that does not count as transformative:
— Familiar characters with a stylized treatment (examples: black & white, pixelated, color shift, etc.)
— Familiar characters redrawn by hand
— Photos of copyrighted products or characters with no transformative effect

Copyright Infringement
In the event you submit work created by another artist, you are in violation of copyright law, as well as in violation of the spirit of NeonMob. We take copyright violations very seriously, and will remove the infringing image from our marketplace as soon as the violation has been confirmed. Repeated submissions of stolen work will result in the termination of your account and a permanent ban from NeonMob. More on our copyright policy here.

Copyright resources
We recommend that you research the copyright laws relevant to the legal liability you assume when you upload artwork to be sold on NeonMob: