What image formats and file types can I upload to NeonMob?

When uploading images as a creator, please be mindful of the following parameters:

  • Images must be within the width to height aspect ratio constraints of 1:1 to 2:3 (square or portrait only; landscape is no longer accepted).

  • Images must have a minimum height & width of 1024 pixels, but larger is better.

  • Images must be one of these supported formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF, MP4, and GIF.

  • Images must be smaller than 30MB each.

How do I share a preview of my in-progress series?

Want to share your in-progress series on social? Use the SHARE button when editing any of your in-progress series to send a preview to your friends, family, and fans. This feature gives you a way to get feedback on your series during all phases of the creation process.


Here’s how it works:

  • Log into NeonMob and go to your creator dashboard

  • From your creator dashboard select ‘edit’ on any one of your in-progress series

  • From the series creator click on the SHARE button in the top right corner

  • Copy the shareable link or post directly to Facebook & Twitter


Show off your work and make sure to tag #NeonMob on social!

What happens after I submit my series?

Congratulations, you just created a new NeonMob series! Great work, you’re our favorite 😊



What now?
After you press "Submit" in the series publisher, your series submission will be received by our community team. Among other things, their job is to ensure that (a) the series meets our standards for content, (b) that all series and cards descriptions were completed, and (c) that the rarity distribution of your series is optimized for collection. If no problems exist with your submission, your series will be approved and prepared for publication. If your series requires amendments, the community team will return your series to you with an explanation of the revisions necessary for publication. 

Our community team reviews both pro and amateur series submissions every Monday & Tuesday. Pro series creators will receive an email confirmation from our community manager detailing their series publication date once their submission has been approved and added to our publication calendar. Amateur series creators will only receive email notifications if their series needs revisions.

When will my series be published?
Depending on availability in our publishing calendar, pro series submissions are generally published within 2 - 4 weeks of approval. 

Approved amateur series are typically published within 2 weeks of submission; however, only a very limited selection of the best amateur submissions are published each month and not all series will be approved.

How will I know when my series is available for collection?
All creators receive an auto-generated email notification once their series is published. This email contains information including the series link and a special redeem code for you to share with your fans on social.

Can I add more images after I submit my series?
Once your series is published and available for collection, it is locked and you cannot add more cards. By pressing ‘Submit' in the series publisher, you are acknowledging that your series is ready to be published. So unless you let us know prior to publication, once you submit your series we assume no changes are necessary. If you've submitted your series and want to make changes prior to publication, we can send it back to you for revision — just email us and let us know.

How are limited edition and other special features selected?

Most series on NeonMob are released as unlimited collections available for a specific amount of time. The very best series submitted to NeonMob may be selected for limited edition release, specialty pack tiers, featured placement, and more. The team at NeonMob determines which series are selected based on series quality, theme, card count, and artist popularity among other factors. 

Think you have a series that deserves extra recognition? You can petition the team at NeonMob to have your series considered for special features. Email a link to your pro voting submission along with a few other selections from your series. Tell us why you feel your series should be featured on NeonMob and how it will engage collectors. Only the very best series will be selected.

Email your submission to feedback@neonmob.com for consideration.

Why wasn't my amateur series published?

We created our amateur category so that artists new to NeonMob could easily publish a series introducing themselves to our collecting community. However, amateur series are still subject to review and there are a number of reasons why amateur series are not approved for publication.

  • The images submitted were not created by you. This can mean it's someone else's artwork, a copyrighted image, a screenshot from a video game, a meme, or an image or photograph taken from the web that you did not personally create.

  • The images submitted were fan art of a copyrighted series. NeonMob can only publish original concepts and creations and does not have the license to publish copyrighted concepts and fan art.

  • The images submitted were graphically violent, pornographic, or otherwise offensive.

  • The series has fewer than minimum 15 cards required for publication. All series must have at least 15 unique cards and a cover image to be considered for publication.

  • The series was submitted without a title, series description, or card descriptions.

  • Your submission did not meet our content standards for publication.

Comic via electricbunnycomics.com

Comic via electricbunnycomics.com

If your amateur series is not approved, you will receive a detailed explanation via email from our community team with instructions on amending your series and resubmitting (if applicable). Submissions containing copyrighted concepts or creation cannot be published and will be deleted from our system. NeonMob only publishes the very best of our amateur submissions and not every submission will be published.

How do creators earn money on NeonMob?

Creators receive a 30% royalty on pack sales of their pro series. You must have a PayPal account and be approved to receive payments in order to be a NeonMob creator. Usage of art on NeonMob is non-exclusive, meaning you can freely share or sell your original art in other venues besides NeonMob. 

Cleonique Hilsaca

Cleonique Hilsaca

We highly recommend using social media, artist platforms, press, and any other methods of advertising to tell the world about your trading card series once it is published and available for collection. Although NeonMob itself has a large community of collectors, you should not rely solely on our existing community of collectors to support pack sales of your series. To be more successful in selling your art, rally your fans, friends, and family to collect your series and trade with other collectors.

How do creators get paid?

With our “self-pay” functionality, creators on NeonMob can initiate their royalty payment once a month from the stats page through their creator dashboard. Choose to send your earnings through PayPal or convert your royalties into NeonMob credits … choose when to get paid and how to get paid! To view the stats page in your creator dashboard, hover over the CREATE dropdown in the top navigation of the website and click on the Dashboard link.


Cash Out Via PayPal
NeonMob uses PayPal to send royalty payments to creators in a timely, seamless fashion. You must have an active PayPal account in good standing and be approved to receive payments in order to be a NeonMob creator and receive royalty payments.

From your creator dashboard, click on “stats” to see your earnings. From the stats page, click on the CASH OUT VIA PAYPAL button located at the bottom of the payments section to initiate the self-pay process and have your royalty earnings transferred to your PayPal account.


The payment pop-up window will appear with an area to enter your PayPal email address. The pay out button will include the total amount to be paid via PayPal. The example image below has a sample amount entered for reference. To complete the transaction, enter your PayPal email address and press the pay out button.


You will be asked to confirm your PayPal email address on the next window by clicking CONFIRM.

Your entire balance will be transferred via PayPal upon completing these steps and the transaction will be recorded in the Payments section of your creator dashboard on the stats page.

Get NeonMob Credits
From your creator dashboard, click on “stats” to see your earnings. From the stats page, click on the GET NEONMOB CREDITS button located at the bottom of the payments section to initiate the self-pay process and have your royalty earnings converted into NeonMob credits. Creators receive 50% bonus credits when converting their royalty earnings to NeonMob credits.

The credits screen will appear and show the total number of NeonMob credits that you will receive when converting your royalty earnings. The example image below has a sample amount entered for reference. To complete the transaction, press the blue GET NEONMOB CREDITS button at the bottom of this screen.

You will be asked to confirm that you would like to convert your earnings to NeonMob credits on the next window by clicking OK.

Your entire balance will be converted to NeonMob credits upon completing these steps and the transaction will be recorded in the Payments section of your creator dashboard on the stats page.

Self-Pay Details
Please take note of these important details regarding self-pay:

  • Auto-pay is no longer available and all creators must use self-pay to collect earnings

  • Creators can collect their earnings through self-pay once every 30 calendar days 

  • Creators need to have a minimum of $5 in earnings to cash out

  • Creators need to have a minimum of $0.50 in earnings to convert to credits

  • Creator is responsible for any applicable PayPal transaction fees 

  • PayPal payments unclaimed within 30 days will be auto-cancelled

  • Credits are not transferable and are not redeemable for future payments

  • All transactions are final and non-reversible

For other questions or to report a problem, please email support@neonmob.com

Can I have more than one account on NeonMob?

If you have more than one account, close the auxiliary account(s) immediately.

You may create and operate only one (1) account on NeonMob.
Operating more than one account is considered “cheating” on NeonMob. This includes auxiliary accounts you may personally operate or accounts nominally operated by others but which solely benefit your main account. Obtaining free packs / cards beyond the standard daily allotment by funneling through an auxiliary account is absolutely not allowed and will result in all active accounts being closed.

We take this behavior very seriously because of the negative impact cheating has on the community of creators and collectors who use the platform as it is intended. Creators lose money in pack sales when you cheat. Collectors lose trading opportunities when you cheat. These are real people who are all affected when you cheat. So don’t open more than one account. Don’t have your friend or your family member open an account just to send you all their cards. Cheating on NeonMob is bad. Just don’t do it.

I can refer people to NeonMob and trade with them without it being considered cheating?
Yes, absolutely! If you have a friend or family member that you think would enjoy collecting and trading on NeonMob, please invite them to create an account. If they use their account to build their own personal collection within the NeonMob rules and guidelines, you can trade with them fairly as you would all other collectors. 

However, if your friend or family member opened the account simply to open packs and send the best cards to you then this is cheating. If lopsided trades are repeatedly and regularly benefiting one account, then all associated accounts will be closed. 

More on the Rules of NeonMob.

Cheating on NeonMob: Rules, Reporting, and Consequences

NeonMob users may operate one (1) account only. Opening or operating multiple accounts, or using other people to operate accounts from which you primarily benefit, is strictly forbidden and violates our Terms of Service. Examples of cheating include: 

  • Opening auxiliary or “dummy” accounts on NeonMob to benefit your main account

  • Using friends or family members to open accounts which you operate or primarily benefit from

  • Repeated lopsided trades between collectors

Identifying & Reporting Cheaters
NeonMob relies on custom integrated tools as well as manual reports to identify cheaters. If you suspect other collectors of cheating, we encourage you to report them by emailing their profile links to feedback@neonmob.com.

Consequences for Cheaters
Collectors found to be violating our Terms of Service may be subject to a range of consequences, including having their accounts seized and closed without warning.  

The decision to close accounts is entirely up to the discretion of the NeonMob community management team. The best way to protect your collection and reputation is to operate only one account.

Creators Found Cheating
Creators with existing published series who are discovered to be cheating will have their accounts suspended and will not be allowed to open packs, trade cards, or redeem carats. All pending royalties from published series will be revoked. Unreleased series will not be permitted to be published. To protect collectors, published series from the creator will remain available for collection but royalties will not accrue from pack sales. 

For further detail, please refer to the NeonMob Terms of Service.

NeonMob Community Rules & Guidelines

NeonMob is a thriving, global community of art creators and collectors. In order to ensure that NeonMob is a safe and delightful place to explore, discover, and connect, we've established a few ground rules:

1.  Create and operate only one (1) NeonMob account.

Opening and operating more than one account is considered "cheating” on NeonMob. Artists earn royalties through pack sales on NeonMob, so obtaining free packs beyond the standard daily allotment for a single user is the same as stealing. Collectors who cheat also cheapen the experience of other collectors using NeonMob fairly and within our Terms of Service. Some types of activities that indicate cheating or abuse of your NeonMob account:

  • Operating multiple accounts to benefit your main account

  • Asking friends, family, or others to operate accounts solely for your benefit

  • Using dummy accounts to funnel the best / rarest cards to your main account

Bottom line: don't cheat. It's unkind, uncool, and will result in a site-wide ban. Read our rules against cheating in the FAQs for more information.

2.  Make fair trade offers.  

Offering a common for someone’s extremely rare is a sure way to receive a quick decline of your trade. In order to be most successful when trading, make sure that you offer something of value to your trading partner. Before sending a trade, check your trading partner’s wishlist, consider the rarities of cards on both sides, and be generous in your offer. Lopsided trade offers are rarely accepted and definitely won’t make you any friends in the trading community, so be fair and respect the value of both your collection and the collection of others. Check out our trading tips to learn more.  

3. Don't bully, harass, troll, threaten, or act unkindly.

Treat your fellow collectors with respect and decency in all interactions. This applies to profiles, submissions, messages, community posts, etc. — all of the ways in which you communicate and represent yourself on NeonMob. Usernames, avatar images, and bio text that are racist, homophobic, discriminatory, inflammatory, or otherwise abusive will result in closure of your account and a ban from NeonMob. We're here to make friends, discover cool art, create new things, and pioneer the future of art collecting so please don't ruin the experience for everyone by being a bully.

Again: Violation of any of the above rules or our Terms of Service can be grounds for suspension or closure of your account, including the seizure of your entire collection. To report a user for violating the rules, shoot us an email at support@neonmob.com.

What does the future hold for NeonMob?

We are excited to be constantly growing and improving NeonMob.  Although we cannot disclose our exact plans, we are actively building new features and functionality for the platform. We look forward to bringing you more ways to create, sell, collect, and enjoy digital art and trading cards. 

If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see on the site, please email us at feedback@neonmob.com or join the conversation on Discord or in our Forums.  

If you are interested in jobs, reach out to jobs@neonmob.com or check out or jobs page.