What are carats?

Earning and spending carats is another way to grow your collection on NeonMob. Carats are a rewards currency that you can redeem for additional packs or other items. You can earn carats through specific actions like discarding, for completing collecting objectives, or by participating in the community. 

Your carats counter on the top right of your profile shows the total points you have earned and have available to spend. You can see your carats counter on both the website ... 


... and on the iOS app. 


Earning carats
Earn carats for discarding unwanted or duplicate cards from your collection. You can discard from both the website or the iOS app to earn carats. See the discarding FAQ for more details. 

Earn carats for completing series milestones. Receive carats immediately for completing each core rarity level (common through extra rare) and receive an additional difficulty bonus once you complete the core series. Get even more carats for collecting all the chase and / or variant cards of a series.

Spending carats
Redeem your carats for Sapphire packs of your favorite unlimited series currently available for collection. Sapphire packs offer the same odds as free packs and you can open one per series per day using carats. Each Sapphire pack costs 10,000 carats. 


You can also use carats to open other specialty carat packs in specific series. Keep an eye on your pack options to see if your favorite series releases a new carat pack tier!

More coming soon!
We are continually working to expand the carats system for collectors. Soon you will be able to both earn and redeem carats in a variety of ways. Carats will be your main way to get more packs so keep an eye out for future earning opportunities! 

What are milestones?

Milestones are awards given to collectors for reaching certain collecting or trading goals. In addition to receiving a digital trophy, milestones reward collectors for their participation by giving you carats that can be redeemed for packs of your favorite NeonMob series. To view your milestones, first click on the trophy icon in the top navigation to open the milestones activity tab.


The milestone activity tab will show recent progress you have made toward completing milestones as well as suggestions for completing series milestones. Click the SEE ALL MILESTONES link here to view a list of all collecting, series, and special milestones.


Collecting Milestones
These milestones are specific to each collector and reflect your overall participation in the NeonMob community. Collect 500 cards to get the Guggenheim; propose a trade to receive the Let’s Make a Deal milestone; claim free packs 7 days in a row and be a free pack Patron. With milestones from trading to streaks to completion rank, there are dozens of milestones to reward and challenge you in your collecting journey!

Completed milestones will show a trophy underneath the milestone name. Milestones you have yet to complete will show the trophy area blank with a dotted outline. Scroll through your milestones to see which milestones you have already completed and to find new collecting challenges.


Series Milestones
In addition to collecting milestones, you can complete milestones for each series you collect to earn carats and highlight your collecting progress. You can complete series milestones for each specific core rarity, another series milestone for completing the core series 100%, and additional series milestones for any applicable special cards (chase, variant, and legendary). From any series page in your collection, click on the milestone icon to the right of the rarity filter to see your series milestones.

The top section provides an overview of your completed series milestones. Your series are listed alphabetically below this overview and you can sort this list by series name, milestone completion percentage, collecting rank, and time to complete series. Icons will fill the series milestones you have completed, as seen in the example below. Milestones you have yet to complete will show the trophy area blank with a dotted outline. Series milestones that are not applicable to a particular series will appear crossed out. Carats awarded for series milestones vary by series based on number of cards, series difficulty, and other factors.


Special Milestone
Special milestones will not show unless you unlock the achievement. NeonMob is always working to expand the number of milestones we offer our collecting community. Check your milestone page periodically to see if any new entries have been posted or if you have unlocked a secret milestone reward.


How does discarding work?

Collectors can trade in unwanted or duplicate cards in exchange for carats. Each card is assigned a carat value that you will receive upon discarding that card. Carats can then be redeemed for free packs or other rewards. On the website, roll over any card in a collection to bring up the available options for that specific card. If you roll over the center discarding symbol, you will see the carat value for that card.


Once you have clicked the center discard button, you will see a screen like the one below. Using the + & - signs, select the number of copies of a specific cards you would like to discard. Once you have selected the number of copies you would like to discard, click on the YES, DISCARD button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


The YES, DISCARD button will bring up a confirmation screen verifying the number of carats you will receive. Click OK to discard the selected cards for carats and remove them permanently from your collection.


If you try to discard all the copies you have a card you will receive a warning. You can discard all copies of a card if you would like by selecting OK from this screen, but please note that discarding is permanent and cannot be reversed so be mindful of what you discard.


Once you have completed the discarding process, you will receive this notification detailing the carats received for this discard transaction as well as your overall carat total. Click the button marked CLOSE to clear this notification.


That’s it, discarding complete! Reach 10,000 carats and you can trade that in for a Sapphire pack of any available series. Additional reward options will be implemented in future updates. Just a few more notes to keep in mind when you are discarding:

  • One final reminder that discarding is permanent and that once you discard a card there is no way to reverse the transaction ... once it's gone, it's gone.

  • Keep trading in mind when choosing how many duplicates to discard. If you are still working on a series, we recommend you keep a certain number of high value or low print number cards to sweeten a deal. To a dedicated collector, a hard to find low-numbered rare card might be worth more than the discard carats.

  • Even if you discard all copies of a card or an entire series, whatever milestones you may have gained from those cards will be retained.

What if I want to discard multiple cards at once?

Users can discard up to ten cards (and duplicates) at a time from multiple series. Click on the center discard button of any card in your collection on the website to initiate the discarding process and you will see a screen like the one below.


To discard multiple cards at once, click the + ADD MORE CARDS button. Use the search features available on this screen to find additional cards to discard. Search by series, duplicates, and rarity. Once you find the card, click the + button to add it to your discard pile.


This card has now been added to your discard overview screen. You can now select the number of copies of each card you would like to discard by using the + / - symbols.


Add to your discard pile by continuing to click the + ADD MORE CARDS button. Once you have selected the cards you would like to discard, click YES, DISCARD to complete the transaction and receive your carats.

How does discarding work on iOS?

Similar to how discarding works on the website, you are able to trade in unwanted of duplicate cards for carats on iOS as well. Visit the series for which you would like to discard unwanted cards and click the banner at the bottom of the screen to see the series details page.


Scroll down on the Series Details page and click on the Discard this Series link.


From this page you can select the cards you would like to trade in for carats. Each card will display the amount of carats you will receive in the center discard button. Click on the discard button to select the card you would like discard.


Once you have selected a card to discard, you will be shown the discarding overview screen. If this is the only card you would like to trade in for carats, click the discard button at the bottom of this screen. 

If you would like to discard more cards, click the + ADD MORE CARDS link at the top of the screen. You will be taken to the following page to add more cards to your discard pile.

Use the filters on this screen to quickly find additional cards to discard. You can discard up to 10 unique cards and duplicates of those 10 cards. Once you have selected all the cards you would like to trade in for carats, click the discard button at the bottom of the discarding overview screen.

What are credits?

Credits are the paid currency of NeonMob and are used to purchase paid packs of available pro series. If you use up your free packs any given day and want to super-charge your collecting, you can purchase credits to buy additional packs of a series. Unlike free packs which are typically limited to three per series per day, there is no limit to the amount of paid packs of a series you can purchase in a day. Click on the link in the upper right hand corner of your navigation bar to see your credit purchase options.


NeonMob offers a variety of price points for purchasing credits, something to fit everyone’s budget! Receive a discount when you purchase 200 credits or more, up to 30% off when you purchase 1,000 credits. Click the BUY button to purchase your credits.


You can purchase credits using a credit card or PayPal account. Click on the payment option you would like to use and enter the necessary information to complete your purchase.


Your credit amount is listed in the top right of the navigation bar where you click to see credit purchase options. Every time you use credits to purchase a pack, that creator receives a percentage of the sale. 

Thanks for supporting NeonMob and our amazing creators!

What are trader grades?

Each collector is assessed a trader grade A - F which reflects their responsiveness to trade offers. All collectors begin with a trader grade of B. Your trader grade will then increase or decrease over time depending on how responsive you are to trade offers. 

Collectors receive lower grades for allowing trades to expire after 48 hours without responding through accepting the trade, declining the trade, or countering the trade. Collectors receive higher grades for offering equitable trades and responding quickly to trade offers. The higher the trader grade, the less likely the collector will allow a trade offer to expire. For example, Happy The Dog has a trader grade of A+ (the best possible) and responds quickly to all trade offers.

Having an A+ grade does not mean a collector is more likely to accept a trade offer, but it does mean they will respond one way or another. In this way, trader grades can be a helpful tool in choosing a reliable trading partner. Trader grades are shown for each collector when you initiate a trade.


Collectors with higher trader grades receive many more trade offers than collectors without. Trade regularly and responsibly to keep your trader grade at an A+ to maximize your trading opportunities!

How do I block another NeonMob user?

Not all NeonMobsters have to be your best friends. In the (hopefully rare!) instance that you wish to block another NeonMob user, you can do so in just a few simple steps:

1. Open a chat message with the user. You can do this from the "Trades & Messages" tab or by clicking "Message" on the profile of the user.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 1.06.50 PM.png

2. Look for the "Block" button near the top of the chat window. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 1.09.23 PM.png

3. Click on this icon and the user will be blocked from messaging you, initiating new trades with you, and searching for you in the friends search. If the blocked user attempts to message you or initiate a trade, these options will be greyed out and appear unavailable.

To unblock a user, go to that user's profile and open a message with them. Click the "Unblock" button. All messaging and trading features will be immediately restored and you will appear available to them if they search for you.

In the event you are experiencing harassment or trolling, please do not hesitate to contact the NeonMob community team at support@neonmob.com in addition to blocking the offending user. Any documentation that you can provide of the offending messages will be held strictly confidential.

Cheating on NeonMob: Rules, Reporting, and Consequences

NeonMob users may operate one (1) account only. Opening or operating multiple accounts, or using other people to operate accounts from which you primarily benefit, is strictly forbidden and violates our Terms of Service. Examples of cheating include: 

  • Opening auxiliary or “dummy” accounts on NeonMob to benefit your main account

  • Using friends or family members to open accounts which you operate or primarily benefit from

  • Repeated lopsided trades between collectors

Identifying & Reporting Cheaters
NeonMob relies on custom integrated tools as well as manual reports to identify cheaters. If you suspect other collectors of cheating, we encourage you to report them by emailing their profile links to feedback@neonmob.com.

Consequences for Cheaters
Collectors found to be violating our Terms of Service may be subject to a range of consequences, including having their accounts seized and closed without warning.  

The decision to close accounts is entirely up to the discretion of the NeonMob community management team. The best way to protect your collection and reputation is to operate only one account.

Creators Found Cheating
Creators with existing published series who are discovered to be cheating will have their accounts suspended and will not be allowed to open packs, trade cards, or redeem carats. All pending royalties from published series will be revoked. Unreleased series will not be permitted to be published. To protect collectors, published series from the creator will remain available for collection but royalties will not accrue from pack sales. 

For further detail, please refer to the NeonMob Terms of Service.

NeonMob Community Rules & Guidelines

NeonMob is a thriving, global community of art creators and collectors. In order to ensure that NeonMob is a safe and delightful place to explore, discover, and connect, we've established a few ground rules:

1.  Create and operate only one (1) NeonMob account.

Opening and operating more than one account is considered "cheating” on NeonMob. Artists earn royalties through pack sales on NeonMob, so obtaining free packs beyond the standard daily allotment for a single user is the same as stealing. Collectors who cheat also cheapen the experience of other collectors using NeonMob fairly and within our Terms of Service. Some types of activities that indicate cheating or abuse of your NeonMob account:

  • Operating multiple accounts to benefit your main account

  • Asking friends, family, or others to operate accounts solely for your benefit

  • Using dummy accounts to funnel the best / rarest cards to your main account

Bottom line: don't cheat. It's unkind, uncool, and will result in a site-wide ban. Read our rules against cheating in the FAQs for more information.

2.  Make fair trade offers.  

Offering a common for someone’s extremely rare is a sure way to receive a quick decline of your trade. In order to be most successful when trading, make sure that you offer something of value to your trading partner. Before sending a trade, check your trading partner’s wishlist, consider the rarities of cards on both sides, and be generous in your offer. Lopsided trade offers are rarely accepted and definitely won’t make you any friends in the trading community, so be fair and respect the value of both your collection and the collection of others. Check out our trading tips to learn more.  

3. Don't bully, harass, troll, threaten, or act unkindly.

Treat your fellow collectors with respect and decency in all interactions. This applies to profiles, submissions, messages, community posts, etc. — all of the ways in which you communicate and represent yourself on NeonMob. Usernames, avatar images, and bio text that are racist, homophobic, discriminatory, inflammatory, or otherwise abusive will result in closure of your account and a ban from NeonMob. We're here to make friends, discover cool art, create new things, and pioneer the future of art collecting so please don't ruin the experience for everyone by being a bully.

Again: Violation of any of the above rules or our Terms of Service can be grounds for suspension or closure of your account, including the seizure of your entire collection. To report a user for violating the rules, shoot us an email at support@neonmob.com.