Your Creator Profile

Unlike your Collector Profile, which is your personal collecting hub, your Creator Profile is a separate portfolio of all the art you share on NeonMob. It’s the place where you and your fans can see all of your pro voting submissions, all of your published series, and any collecting / trading activity of your published series by collectors. Your Creator Profile is basically your own personal wing in the NeonMob art gallery!

Once you begin creating a series on NeonMob, a Creator Profile will be automatically generated for you. To edit your Creator Profile, hover over the CREATE link in the top navigation and select Creator Profile. From here, you can add a banner to your profile as well as complete your creator bio. Be sure to include social links like Facebook, Instagram, DeviantArt, and Behance so fans can learn more about you as an artist.

Series Stats & Royalty Payments

Once your series has been published, you will undoubtably ask yourself: How is my series doing? Are people opening packs and collecting it? We’ve got you covered! Once your series is available for collection, you will automatically gain access to series engagement numbers on the Stats page. To view your Stats page, hover over the CREATE link in the top navigation and click Dashboard. Once in your Creator Dashboard, click the Stats link in the secondary navigation. 

This page provides collection and sales statistics for each published series. Dropdown menus will allow you to select particular series and timeframes to view collecting details. For each series you will be able to see: number of free packs claimed, number of packs sold, and royalties earned.

If you have earned royalties from pack sales of your published pro series, you can also initiate payment to your PayPal account on this page. Just follow the directions listed in our FAQ on self-pay. You must have a valid PayPal account in good standing and capable of receiving payments in order to transfer your royalties.

Promoting — Before Your Series is Published

Promote your series early and often! You should begin promoting your upcoming series release as soon as your submission is approved. Here are some helpful steps to get the ball rolling before your series is even published:

  • Complete your Creator Profile. Tell collectors your story and give them background on your passion for creating. This will help collectors get to know you as an artist and learn more about your art. Connect with collectors to build a fan base.

  • Link your social accounts to your Creator Profile! When you link your social accounts to your NeonMob Creator Profile you’ll be automatically tagged when collectors share your prints or brag about how much they love your series. This is an easy way to build your audience and gain new fans.

  • Use social media to build excitement for your series release. We can’t overstate the importance for artists to utilize social media at every stage of their career to gain exposure for their works. If you don’t already have Twitter or Instagram we strongly suggest setting them up.

    • Post sketches, in-progress images, video, and sneak peeks on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, Instagram, etc. Don’t be shy! Share your publication date and let people know when your series will be released.

    • Link to your voting submission and encourage fans to like the entry. Every collector that likes your voting submission will receive a notification once your series is released. So even though your series is already approved, make sure you keep racking up votes. 

Promoting — After Your Series is Published

Once your series is published, actively encourage fans to collect your art! Here are some tips to successfully promote your NeonMob series:

  • Use your promo codes, always. When your series is published you’ll be emailed a unique link to free packs that you can use to introduce users to your series. You can also find this email in the Promote section of your Creator Dashboard. Use this link in all your posts about your series release to incentive collectors to open more packs. 

  • Announce your series on social media. Post about your series release on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social platforms you visit. Use your promo code and preview select images from your series. Don’t just post when your series is released, make sure to post reminders in the weeks / months after release to keep collectors engaged. 

  • Share your series on Reddit. Use this list of art-related subreddits to find the right groups for your series. For example, a monster-themed series would post on /r/imaginarymonsters. Expand your series reach by sharing your inspiration for the series, posting a few images, and linking your promo code. 

  • Post an announcement on DeviantArt. Share your work in other art communities and link back to your NeonMob series with your promo code.

  • Create a Behance project for your series. If you don’t already have a Behance page, we strongly suggest you create one! It’s a great way to showcase your work and help others find it. Create a new project linking back to your NeonMob series and share the inspiration for your work or talk about your creative process. See a few great examples, go herehere and here.

  • Contact bloggers and reporters! Writers and bloggers are always looking for engaging content their readers will love. Reach out to Bored PandaBoingBoingColossal, your favorite art, comic, or gaming blogs and tell them about your new series. Shoot the writer an email with a brief description of your project and a few high res images. Feeling intimidated? The worst that happens is they say no!