Intro to Your Creator Profile

When you become a creator, you will get a Creator Profile, which is separate from your Collector Profile. Your Collector Profile is your personal collecting hub, while your Creator Profile is a place for you and your fans to see all of your series submissions, your published series, and any collecting and trading activity by collectors of your published series. Fill out your bio as you would on a portfolio site, and be sure to link off to the places you want your fans to learn more about you as an artist, like Facebook, DeviantArt, Behance, and Instagram.

Sales & Analytics Dashboard

Once your series is live, you will undoubtedly ask yourself, How is my series is doing? Are people collecting it? We’ve you covered. After your series is published, you will automatically gain access to your sales and analytics dashboard. This page shows for each series: how many packs have been claimed and sold, how many posters have been sold, and your total earnings. (You will also be sent monthly emails with this information.)

If you have earned money, you will be paid in the first half of the following month via Paypal. You must have a Paypal account that is capable of receiving payments in order to be paid.

Promoting — Before Your Series is Published

Promoting your series can start as soon as your submission is approved! Here are some helpful steps to get the ball rolling before your series is even published:

  1. Fill out your Creator Profile.This will help users get to know you as an artist, and learn more about your art.
  2. Link your social accounts to your Creator Profile! We can’t overstate the importance of social media for artists at any stage in their career Connecting your social media accounts to your NeonMob creator page helps to promote you and your work. For certain platforms, when collectors share your prints, or brag about how much they love your series, you’ll be automatically tagged. This is an easy way for you to build your audience, and gain new fans.
    1. Build anticipation and excitement among your family, friends, and fans (or prospective fans!), by posting sketches, in-progress images, video and sneak peeks on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, Instagram, etc. Don’t be shy!
    2. If you don’t already have Twitter or Instagram we strongly suggest setting them up. Here’s a great guide to using Twitter for artists and Instagram for artists.

Promoting — After Your Series is Published

Once your series is live, you can and should start promoting it actively! Here are our tips for getting started:

  1. Announce your series on Twitter, Facebook, anywhere else you go online. Use your promo link
    1. Use your promo codes, always. When your series is published you’ll be emailed a unique link to free packs that you can use to introduce users to your series.  You can also find this email in the Promote section of your Creator Dashboard.
  2. Share your series on Reddit!
    1. Use this list of art-related subreddits to find a group to share your work with.  (Example: if your series is monster-themed, post on /r/imaginarymonsters)
    2. Post a few images from the series, along with your inspiration for the series and a link to your series.
  3. Post an announcement on DeviantArt linking back to your series.
  4. Create a Behance project for your series.
    1. If you don’t already have a Behance page, we strongly suggest you create one. It’s a great way to showcase your work and help others find it.  We recommend that you include between 10-25% of the cards in your series.
    2. Include a description of your inspiration and/or your creative process and a link back to your series on NeonMob.
    3. Pro tip: list NeonMob as a co-owner so we can help promote you on Behance.
    4. To see a few great examples, go here, here and here.
  5. Contact bloggers and reporters! Writers and bloggers are always looking for content their readers will love. Reach out to reporters and bloggers who focus on subjects related to the work you do. Bored Panda, BoingBoing, Colossal, your favorite art, comic, or gaming blogs… this is your chance to be bold! Shoot the writer an email with a brief description of your project and a few high res images. Feeling intimidated? The worst that happens is they say no!