Intro to Submissions

The Vote page is where creators submit ideas and allow the community to vote on them. It is where series concepts first gain traction and, possibly, begin a journey to become rich, artistic, fully realized trading card series.

The most popular types of series feature original characters, a captivating story, and are connected by a common theme. Creators have published series that focus on different types of characters (examples include: corgis, demons, cat astronauts, vampire girls), abstract designs, landscapes, algorithmically-created fractal images, photo manipulations, and much more. Have an idea that is weirdly specific? Or specifically weird? Don’t be afraid to propose it to the community!

Submissions: What To Do

Don’t sweat it – you can do this. Here are four steps to creating a successful submission.

1. Pick a creative topic that shows off your interests and/or experience. There is no wrong way to brainstorm a series idea. Focus on what you love, what makes you you, and be creative. Love to draw futuristic landscapes? Do that. Can’t stop creating unicorns in uniforms? Boom, there’s your series idea.

2. Submit an original image created by you that conveys the series concept and the artistic style you intend to take. If you plan on creating a series of animated pixel art, don’t submit a rough sketch. Show the community the what a completed card will look like. They are ultimately voting on what they expect to see in your series.

3. In 1-2 sentences, write a description that explains your concept, style/medium, and (optionally) the number of cards you plan to include. Tell collectors what you plan on creating so they can decide if they want to vote on it. Some good descriptions

  • “Fantastic Friends is a collection about imaginary friends! It will feature 100 cards with the most amazing folks you could ever find.”
  • “A series of characters or figures based on heavy metal culture. Mostly female figures, all in black and white.”
  • “The Final Frontier is a series of paintings capturing the complex colors and emotions that come from the awe of space.”
  • “Cakes, pies, doughnuts, ice cream: a.k.a. Nom-Noms! A series of paintings showcasing tasty nom-noms. Each card in the series will focus on a different treat. First item up: Strawberry Shortcake Cake.”

4. Share your submission with your friends, family, the NeonMob forum, and on your social channels. The more votes your submission gets, the more likely it is to be greenlit to become a full series! Rally your squad.

Submissions: What Not To Do

  1. Submit someone else’s work. This is against the law and we take copyright infringements seriously
  2. Submit explicit nudity or offensive, vulgar imagery (PG-13 stuff is okay, but remember the kids!)
  3. Submit fan art. You can read more about our policy on this here.

Submission Approval Process

Submissions are approved by the NeonMob community team based on a variety of factors including popularity, strength of concept, and originality. There is no allotted timeframe for approval. Submissions can be approved anywhere from hours to weeks after the time it was uploaded.

If your submission is approved to become a full series, you will get an email from our community team with everything you need to know to get started — including a link to NeonMob’s creator publishing tools, an invitation to the creator Facebook group, a link to your shiny new creator profile, and more.

When your submission is approved, you are joining a super supportive, collaborative, creative community of artists from around the world. Don’t be shy about brainstorming, asking for feedback, and sharing work-in-progress with your creator peers and the NeonMob community team.