Intro to Submissions

Pro creators begin their NeonMob journey on the Create page by submitting their series concept for community vote. This is where an idea can gain traction within our community of trading card collectors to become a creative, engaging, fully-realized series on NeonMob.

The most popular voting submissions on NeonMob feature original characters or concepts and are connected by a common theme or a captivating story. Examples include series focusing on one specific subject (i.e. African birds, dragons, natural wonders, European flowers, waterfalls), fantasy & sci-fi scenes, cartoons, abstract designs, landscapes, photo manipulations, algorithmically-created fractal images, graphic novels, and more. Whatever your subject or style, let your imagination be your guide! Have an idea that is weirdly specific or specifically weird? Don’t be afraid to put it up for community vote to get feedback on your concept and artwork.

What To Do

You want to share your art on NeonMob? That’s amazing! Here are four steps to creating a successful submission:

1. Pick a creative topic that highlights your interests or best showcases your artistic talent. Focus on things you love or what gets your creativity flowing. Obsessed with futuristic landscapes? Do that. Can’t stop creating unicorns in uniforms? Boom! There’s your series idea.

2. Submit an original image created by you that most clearly conveys the series concept, artistic style, and medium you intend to take for the entire series. Submit only the absolute best art you have created to show the community an example of a completed card from your impending series. For example, if you plan to create a series of watercolor paintings don’t submit a rough sketch.

3. Write a short description of 1-2 sentences providing collectors with your series name, overall concept, style / medium, and the total number cards you will include. Tell collectors what you plan to create in order to peek their interest and get them to vote for your pro submission. Examples of great series descriptions include:

  • “Fantastic Friends is a collection about imaginary friends! It will feature 100 cards with the most amazing cartoon folks you could ever find!”

  • “A series of 25 humanoid characters based on heavy metal culture. Mostly female figures, all images will be black & white hand-drawn sketches.”

  • “The Final Frontier will have 45 paintings capturing the complex colors and awesomeness of space in a graffiti spray-paint style.”

  • “Cakes, pies, doughnuts, ice cream: this is Nom-Noms! A series of digital works showcasing tasty treats. Each of the 30 cards in the series will focus on a different treat. The example here is Strawberry Shortcake.”

4. Share the link to your completed voting submission with friends, family, and fans via social media, the NeonMob community in our forums and Discord, online artist groups, et al. The more votes your submission gets, the more likely it is to be approved to become a full series. Rally your squad and get those votes!

What NOT To Do

  • DO NOT submit someone else’s work. This is against the law and we take copyright infringements very seriously. Violations will result in the removal of your submission and possible account suspension for repeat offenders.

  • DO NOT submit fan art as NeonMob does not have the license to publish copyrighted concepts. You can read more about our policy on this here.

  • DO NOT submit inappropriate images depicting explicit nudity, pornography, graphic violence, vulgarity, hate speech, or otherwise abusive or inflammatory themes. Violations will result in an immediate closure of your account. Please remember NeonMob is an all-ages platform.

Approval Process

Voting submissions are approved at the discretion of the NeonMob content management team based on a variety of factors including popularity via community voting, strength of concept, originality, and artistic quality. There is no allotted timeframe for approval and submissions can be approved anywhere from days to weeks after being uploaded.

If your submission is approved to become a full series, you will get an email from the NeonMob team with everything you need to get started: a link to our creator publishing tools, a link to your shiny new creator profile, an invitation to our creator Facebook group, and more. NeonMob is a super supportive, collaborative, creative community of artists from around the world so don’t be shy about brainstorming, asking for feedback, and sharing work-in-progress with your creator peers and the NeonMob content and community teams … we want you to succeed!

Need help with your submission or have questions about NeonMob? Email us at for additional assistance.

Special Features

Most series on NeonMob are released as unlimited collections available for a specific amount of time. The very best series submitted to NeonMob may be selected for limited edition release, specialty pack tiers, featured placement, and more. The team at NeonMob determines which series are selected based on series quality, theme, card count, and artist popularity among other factors. 

Think you have a series that deserves extra recognition? You can petition the team at NeonMob to have your series considered for special features. Email a link to your pro voting submission along with a few other selections from your series. Tell us why you feel your series should be featured on NeonMob and how it will engage collectors. Only the very best series will be selected.

Email your submission to for consideration.