What happens after I submit my series?

You created a whole NeonMob series! Congratulations. Great work. You are our favorite!



What now?

After you press "Submit" in the series publisher, your series will be received by our trusty community team. Their job is to ensure (a) the series meets our standards for content, (b) that descriptions were included, (c) that the appropriate number of each rarity exists, and more. Assuming all is well, your series is approved and prepared for imminent release.

How long after I submit my series will it be released?

It depends! For Pro series, generally not more than 1 week. For Amateur series, generally not more than 3 days. 

Can I add more images after I submit my series?

Once your series is published, you cannot add more images to your series. By pressing 'submit,' you are letting us know that your series is ready to be published, so unless you let us know, we assume you do not need to make any changes and will begin preparing your series for release. If you've submitted your series and want to make changes, we can kick it back to you — just email us and let us know.