What makes a successful NeonMob submission?

Creating a successful NeonMob submission takes equal part talent, strategy, and magic. There is no right kind of art or one kind of concept that makes a submission great; great submissions come in all forms and can incorporate traditionally "offline" mediums like oil or watercolor to purely digital mediums — and everything in between.

Examples of Really Great Submissions

Here are a few examples of incredible submissions that have since become full NeonMob series:

This submission by Thomas went on to become Alpacamon, and then Alpacamon 2. What makes this such a great submission? First off, the work is adorable — and Thomas' description clearly outlined his concept for the series: 152 illustrations of Alpacamons. Super clear, super awesome.

Jeremy Gardner's incredible submission became The Unknowns, a super popular series of dreamy-yet-spooky illustrations. Jeremy's submission description was perfect: "Portraits of strange, scary, dreamy and beautiful. Created while I dream awake late at night." While not as specific as Thomas' description (which outlined the exact number of illustrations), Jeremy had a clear vision for the theme connecting each of his images, and the submission image perfectly captured his vision. 308 likes later, meet The Unknowns.

Nigel Sussman submitted the above image based on a collection of illustrations he was already working on for his Kickstarter project. His succinctly description outlined his NeonMob series idea: "Food objects A-Z rendered in bold isometric hand-drawn line art on a colorful background." You don't have to be that specific, but it helps to throw in a description of the medium/style of your series, too!

Paulo Victor Graner came up with this really cool idea of a 'monster hierarchy,' and submitted this image of the reigning monster at the top of his fantastical hierarchy. Takeaway: Get weird! Create a whole new world, or reimagine an existing one.

The Basics: A Submission Checklist

While there's no right topic or theme for your submission, there are a few things you should make sure to include in your description. Answer these three questions & you'll be golden!
— What's the theme or story of your series concept?
— How many illustrations do you plan on creating for your series?
— What's the style or mood of the images? 

Best Practices

Submit one image per series idea. Ignore the urge to submit multiple images for the same series. Submissions are approved for full NeonMob series treatment based on the # of likes, strength of your idea, etc — so you don't want to risk spreading out the # of likes on multiple submissions. Stick to one! Trust us.

Read the terms. Any images submitted must be your original work. If you submit work that is not yours, you are liable for copyright infringement — and your submission will be removed immediately.