What are "NeonLibrary" Series?

Series where the creator is listed as “NeonLibary” were created for your enjoyment by the NeonMob staff using books, posters, paintings and other works that are in the public domain. NeonMob is a place for exploration, and discovery of cool art, and artists. Our public domain series are meant to further that mission, and serve to resurrect the work of now-forgotten creators. Our team scours library, government, and museum archives to find images that tell a cool story you wouldn't find elsewhere.

Can the community create series from materials in the public domain?

Sorry! We won’t be allowing users to create their own public domain series. Just like Penguin republishes out of print books, or Amazon offers public domain books on Kindle, NeonMob is acting as the platform for the distribution of the work, not claiming authorship of the work. But we need to make SURE that there are no rights reserved on images hosted on NeonMob, and unfortunately we don’t have the resources to vet community public domain series.  

However! Creators are welcome to use public domain images, and build upon them in creative ways— similar to what Chris Stevens did in his awesome Gallery Glitches — but the resulting images must be wholly new works (or, what lawyers would call "transformative works"). So go forth and create and collect!