What’s the difference between Amateur and Pro Series?

There are two different types of series published on NeonMob, Pro and Amateur.


Amateur series are digital card series created by the NeonMob community and available to collect and trade 100% free.

Want to publish your own digital art series on NeonMob quickly for the fun of allowing thousands of to collect your original artwork? Chose Amateur to start creating a series right away! Just click “Create” in your menu bar to get instant access to NeonMob’s creator publishing tools. When you’re done, click “submit” and you series will be live on NeonMob within 72 hours. Amateur series are 100% free to collect (which means you don't earn royalties because no packs are sold).

Anything you can dream up can become a series as long as it’s 3 or more images, your original art (not images collected from the web), and not pornographic, or graphically violent. If your series violates these few requirements it will not be published. 

Pro series are digital card series that are available in both paid and free packs and generate royalties for artists.

Interested in earning money by publishing your original art as trading cards on NeonMob? Submit a concept to be considered for a Pro series. Pro series take longer to be approved and go live on the site, but they’re available in both free and paid packs. Concepts for pro series must be submitted on the Vote page, voted on by the NeonMob community and approved by NeonMob staff before you have access to creator tools. Anyone can submit their concept for the opportunity to create a Pro series and earn royalties from pack sales, just like always.