What happens if stolen art is used on NeonMob?

It’s important that all of the art on NeonMob was produced by the person that submitted it to be published. Or if it’s an organization or company that’s publishing a series, that entity must have the explicit right to use the artwork. It’s spelled out clearly in NeonMob’s terms.


If a user ignores the rules and attempts to pass off someone else’s art as their own by publishing work that is not original, NeonMob will take the following steps to rectify the situation.

Confirm the plagiarism. Our team investigates the claim that a series uses unauthorized artwork.

Discontinue the series. We make sure that no one can open new packs from the offending series.

Replace the artwork. One of the most important steps, we remove the unauthorized art and replace with a standard “Art Removed” image out of consideration for the actual artist.

Possibly refund any users that purchased packs. For anyone that purchased paid packs from the series, NeonMob will consider issuing a refund of the credits that were spent by affected users. We do not provide any kind of credit bonus or pack refund for users that opened free packs or received cards through trades.

Delete the offending user account. At a minimum, anyone caught passing someone else’s art off as their own is banned from NeonMob. Depending on the scope of the violation, we may take additional legal action against the individual.