What’s the difference between amateur and pro series?

There are two different types of series published on NeonMob, amateur and pro.

Amateur series are digital trading card series from NeonMob creators that are 100% free to collect and trade.

Just starting out as an artist or just new to NeonMob? Select the amateur option to create and submit a NeonMob series quickly and easily. You will get instant access to our creator publishing tools to upload your art directly to the NeonMob team for review. Anything you dream up could become a series as long as you follow a few simple guidelines: 

  • Your series must contain 15 or more unique cards

  • The art submitted is your original concept and creation (not images collected from the web or fan art of copyrighted properties)

  • Images are not pornographic, graphically violent, or similarly offensive

Amateur series don't earn royalties because only free packs are available to collect and no packs are sold. Therefore, amateur series are 100% free for collectors. NeonMob only publishes the very best of our amateur submissions and not every submission will be published.  

Pro series are digital trading card series from NeonMob creators available in both paid packs, which generate royalties for the series artist, and free packs.

Earn money by publishing your original art as trading cards on NeonMob! Publish your art as a pro series and collectors will be able to super charge their collection by purchasing paid packs of your series in addition to their daily free packs allotment. Artists receive royalties from all paid packs sold from their series.

Concepts for pro series are first submitted on the vote page for community review. If your concept receives a high number of votes from community members, you will receive access to our creator tools to upload your full series for final review. Once you submit your completed series, the NeonMob team will review and approve the series before adding it to our publication calendar. Although it may take a bit longer to publish than an amateur series, anyone can submit their concept for the opportunity to create a pro series and earn royalties from pack sales.