What are the benefits of trading with other NeonMob collectors?

In addition to collecting cards by opening packs, expand your collection by making trade offers with other collectors for cards you really want. Trading is the most direct and efficient way to get the cards you need to complete any series you are collecting. Why wait and hope to pull the exact card you need when you can trade an unwanted card and get it now?

Speaking of unwanted cards, trading is a good way to cull your collection of duplicate cards or cards you no longer want to keep. Use duplicates to entice a collector to trade you the last cards you need to complete a series you are both collecting. No longer collecting a series? Trade those unwanted cards to an interested collector for cards in a series you like more. Keep your collection tidy, finish series more quickly, and help out your fellow collectors … trading is a win, win, win!

Most importantly, trading helps in the long term by connecting you with a large community of fellow collectors all working to help one another complete series. The larger your trading network, the more trading opportunities, the better your odds of finding the cards you want.


So trade often and get to know other collectors … you never know who could be the perfect trade partner in the future!