Cheating on NeonMob: Rules, Reporting, and Consequences

NeonMob users may operate one account only. Opening or operating multiple accounts, or using other people to operate accounts from which you primarily benefit, is strictly forbidden.

Examples of cheating include: 

  • Inviting "dummy" accounts to NeonMob

  • Using friends or family members to open accounts which you operate or primarily benefit from

  • Repeated lopsided trades between collectors

Identifying & Reporting Cheaters

NeonMob relies on custom integrated tools as well as manual reports to identify cheaters. If you suspect other collectors of cheating, we encourage you to report them by emailing

Consequences for Cheaters

Collectors found to be violating these rules may be subject to a range of consequences, including having their accounts seized and closed without warning.  

The decision to close accounts is entirely up to the discretion of the NeonMob moderators and community service team. The best way to protect your account and reputation is to operate only one account.

Creators Found Cheating

Creators with existing published series who are discovered to be cheating will have their accounts remain open but will not be allowed to open packs, trade, or opening any new series. All pending royalties will be canceled. To protect collectors, published series will remain available for collection.  Unreleased series will not be permitted to be published. For further detail, please refer to the NeonMob Terms of Service.