How does discarding work?

Collectors can trade in unwanted or duplicate cards in exchange for a reward. Each card is assigned a point value; points are then redeemed for free packs. On the website, roll over any card in a collection to bring up the available options for that specific card. If you then roll over the center Discarding symbol, you will see the point value for that card.


Once you have clicked the center Discard button, you will see a screen like the one below. Using the + & - signs, select the number of cards you would like to discard. Once you have selected the number of copies you would like to discard, click on the “YES, DISCARD” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


The “YES, DISCARD” button will bring up a confirmation screen verifying the number of points you will receive. Click “OK” to discard the selected cards for points and remove them permanently from your collection.


If you try to discard all the copies you have a card you will receive a warning. You can discard all copies of a card if you would like by selecting “OK” from this screen, but please note that Discarding is permanent and cannot be reversed so be mindful of what you Discard.


Once you have completed the Discarding process, you will receive this notification with a progress bar showing how close you are to receiving a free pack. Click the button marked “SOUNDS GOOD” to clear this notification.


That’s it, Discarding complete! Reach 10,000 points and automatically receive a free pack. Just a few more notes to keep in mind when you are Discarding:

  • The Discarding feature is currently available only on the website and not on iOS. We will add Discarding to iOS in a future update if applicable.
  • Keep Trading in mind when choosing how many duplicates to Discard. If you are still working on a series, we recommend you keep a certain number of high value or low print number cards to sweeten a deal. To a dedicated collector, a hard to find low-numbered Rare card might be worth more than the Discard points.
  • Even if you Discard all copies of a card or an entire series, whatever Milestones you may have gained from those cards will be retained.

What if I want to Discard multiple cards at once?

Users can Discard up to ten cards (and duplicates) at a time from multiple series. Click on the center Discard button of any card in your collection to initiate the Discarding process and you will see a screen like the one below.


To Discard multiple cards at once, click the + ADD MORE CARDS button. Use the search features available on this screen to find additional cards to Discard. Search by series, duplicates, and rarity. Once you find the card, click the + button to add it to your Discards.


This card has now been added to your Discards screen. You can now select the number of copies of each card you would like to Discard by using the + / - symbols.


Add to your Discards by continuing to click the + ADD MORE CARDS button. Once you have selected the cards you would like to Discard, click YES, DISCARD to complete the transaction and receive your points.