What is my display case and how does it work?

Your display case appears at the top of your profile page. It's a great way to show off some of the cards in your collection. By default, the display case will select random cards from your collection to display. You can expand the display case by hovering over the the display case and clicking the down arrow. You can also manually select which cards to display by clicking the Edit button in the bottom right corner.


The display case will highlight eight of the cards from your series. You can replace any item in your display case with a random or specific print by clicking the "Replace" button.


Once you click the Replace button, you will see various search options in the dropdown menu. Click on the LET US PICK FOR YOU! button to randomly select a different image to feature. If you know the card name, you can enter it in the “Search for cards …” field. To browse all the cards in a particular series, click the “Show all Series” dropdown to find the series you want to select. Scroll through the card results and click on the card you would like to select. Once you have set all the images in your display case, click on the Done button in the bottom right hand corner to save your changes.