How do creators get paid?

NeonMob uses PayPal to send payments to creators in a timely, seamless fashion. You must have an active PayPal account in good standing and be approved to receive payments in order to be a NeonMob creator.

Go to the Creator Settings page in the Creator Dashboard to add or edit your PayPal email address. On the website, hover over the CREATE link in the top navigation and click on the Dashboard link. 


Click on the Creator Settings link in the Dashboard navigation to edit your creator profile. The option to edit your PayPal address can be found in the middle of this page. 


NeonMob creators are paid via PayPal each month on the 15th for royalties exceeding $10 USD. Payments are for royalties earned for all your series through the end of the prior month. For example, royalties earned through the end of September would be paid out on October 15th.

If your royalty payments are under $10 USD you will not be paid on the 15th of the month. Instead, you will be paid out when the combined royalties from all your series exceed the $10 USD threshold. To track your sales and to see all other series metrics, click on the Stats link in the Creator Dashboard.