How do I view my collection?

Viewing your collection on the website
To view all the series and cards in your collection on the website, go to your profile page by clicking the diamond logo in the top left corner and selecting the "View a Series..." dropdown list. This menu displays all the series you have in your collection alphabetically. Scroll through the menu and click on the series you would like to view to be redirected to that series detail page.


Another way to view your collection is to click on the “YOUR COLLECTION” link in the top navigation bar on the website. This page displays all your series along with sorting options in the Series Finder to quickly locate the series for which you are searching.


Viewing your collection on iOS
To view all the series and cards in your collection on iOS, click on the dual cards icon in the bottom navigation to visit the Your Collection section. You will see the latest cards added to your collection in the Cards section by default. 


Click the Series option to see all the series in your collection. You will see the most recently collected series in the Recent section by default. 


Select the A-Z option in the Series section to see an alphabetical list of all the series in your collection.