What are milestones?

Milestones are awards given to collectors for reaching certain collecting or trading goals. In addition to receiving a digital trophy, milestones reward collectors for their participation by giving you carats that can be redeemed for packs of your favorite NeonMob series. To view your milestones, first click on the trophy icon in the top navigation to open the milestones activity tab.


The milestone activity tab will show recent progress you have made toward completing milestones as well as suggestions for completing series milestones. Click the SEE ALL MILESTONES link here to view a list of all collecting, series, and special milestones.


Collecting Milestones
These milestones are specific to each collector and reflect your overall participation in the NeonMob community. Collect 500 cards to get the Guggenheim; propose a trade to receive the Let’s Make a Deal milestone; claim free packs 7 days in a row and be a free pack Patron. With milestones from trading to streaks to completion rank, there are dozens of milestones to reward and challenge you in your collecting journey!

Completed milestones will show a trophy underneath the milestone name. Milestones you have yet to complete will show the trophy area blank with a dotted outline. Scroll through your milestones to see which milestones you have already completed and to find new collecting challenges.


Series Milestones
In addition to collecting milestones, you can complete milestones for each series you collect to earn carats and highlight your collecting progress. You can complete series milestones for each specific core rarity, another series milestone for completing the core series 100%, and additional series milestones for any applicable special cards (chase, variant, and legendary). From any series page in your collection, click on the milestone icon to the right of the rarity filter to see your series milestones.

The top section provides an overview of your completed series milestones. Your series are listed alphabetically below this overview and you can sort this list by series name, milestone completion percentage, collecting rank, and time to complete series. Icons will fill the series milestones you have completed, as seen in the example below. Milestones you have yet to complete will show the trophy area blank with a dotted outline. Series milestones that are not applicable to a particular series will appear crossed out. Carats awarded for series milestones vary by series based on number of cards, series difficulty, and other factors.


Special Milestone
Special milestones will not show unless you unlock the achievement. NeonMob is always working to expand the number of milestones we offer our collecting community. Check your milestone page periodically to see if any new entries have been posted or if you have unlocked a secret milestone reward.