What are points?

Earning and spending Points is another way to grow your collection on NeonMob. Points are a rewards currency that you can redeem for additional free packs or other items. You can earn points through specific actions, by completing collecting objectives, or reaching other goals.

Discard To Earn Points
Discard unwanted cards from your collection to earn points. As you Discard, points will accrue in the points counter on the top right of your profile. When you reach a certain number of points, they are automatically converted to a free pack! Your free pack will be added to your free pack bank next to the points counter. To alert you to your free pack, you will receive a notification upon reaching the point threshold.


More Coming Soon!
We are continually working to expand Points for collectors and soon you will be able to both earn and redeem points in a variety of ways. Points will be your main way to get more packs so keep an eye out for future earning opportunities!