What are points?

Earning and spending points is another way to grow your collection on NeonMob. Points are a rewards currency that you can redeem for additional packs or other items. You can earn points through specific actions like discarding, for completing collecting objectives, or by participating in the community. 

Your points counter on the top right of your profile shows the total points you have earned and have available to spend. You can see your points counter on both the website ... 


... and on the iOS app. 

Earning points
Earn points for discarding unwanted or duplicate cards from your collection. You can discard from both the website or the iOS app to earn points. See the discarding FAQ for more details. 

Earn points for completing series milestones. Receive points immediately for completing each core rarity level (common through extremely rare) and receive an additional difficulty bonus once you complete the core series. Get even more points for collecting all the chase / special cards of a series.

Spending points
Redeem your points for Sapphire packs of your favorite unlimited series currently available for collection. Sapphire packs offer the same odds as free packs and you can open one per series per day using points. Each Sapphire pack costs 10,000 points. 

More coming soon!
We are continually working to expand the points system for collectors. Soon you will be able to both earn and redeem points in a variety of ways. Points will be your main way to get more packs so keep an eye out for future earning opportunities!