Can I have more than one account on NeonMob?

No. If you have more than one account, close the duplicate account(s) immediately.

You may create and operate only one (1) account.  Owning more than one account is basically the only way to "cheat" on NeonMob.  Real artists earn a living through sales on NeonMob, so obtaining free packs beyond the standard daily allotment is stealing.  Collectors who participate in NeonMob fairly become enraged when they see people using multiple accounts to funnel cards into one account.  So don't do it.  Don't make your best friends sign up only to make them trade you all their best pieces either.

So can I have my friend/brother/child open an account and trade with them? If your friend/brother/child is using their own account to build their own collection, you can trade with them. However, if your friend/brother/child's account exists simply to open packs and send cards to your account, let's not fool ourselves – this is a duplicate account. We will close all fake "friends and family" accounts if trading is repeatedly, regularly benefitting one account. 

Violating this rule can be grounds for suspension or deletion of your account, including the seizure of your entire collection. 

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