How does trading work?

There are several ways to start trading on NeonMob.  You can visit other collectors' profile or collection pages.  You can search for cards you need.  You can also start trading from within your own collection. The image below shows an example view of a collection.  For each series, you see the cards you own, while unowned cards have empty slots.

When you don't own a card, hover your mouse over the empty slot and the "Owners" button will appear, like this:

"Owners" pulls up a list of owners, along additional information about them. "Trader Grade" tells how responsive a trader is, "# Owned" tells you how many cards a trader owns, and "completion" tells you how much progress that person has in the series.

It is important, and sometimes challenging, to find an optimal trading partner. There are no hard rules about what works, but it helps to start with traders with high trader grades.  These traders are less likely to allow a trade to expire, meaning you will get a response more quickly.  Traders with duplicates (2x or more) are also more likely to part with one of their cards.

Once you select a trading partner, you can begin the process of assembling a trade offer.  The image below shows a trade window with the beginnings of a trade offer.

After submitting your offer, your trading partner has 48 hours to respond before the offer automatically expires. They may accept, decline, or counter-offer your trade. Likewise, you may withdraw or modify your trade offer.  You will have to wait and find out!