How do you collect cards on NeonMob?

Collecting on the Website
Every day, collectors receive dozens of free packs that they can redeem on hundreds of eligible series. Free packs contain original, numbered cards of varying rarities from common to chase. On the web, look for the blue “Open Pack” button to identify an eligible series and to open free packs. 

When you are browsing categories, series with available free packs will show a blue “Open Pack” button below the series cover photo. Series with lavender “Open Pack” buttons do not have available free packs for you to open, but will have carat and paid packs still available for collection.


Once you click the “Open Pack” button, you will see all your available pack options for that series. Besides free packs, carat packs and paid packs are also available. Carat packs allow collectors to spend carats in order to open additional packs of available series. Paid packs provide collectors with better odds of receiving higher rarity cards than base packs. There is no limit to the amount of paid packs you can open in a day. Purchase paid packs by using credits.


Collecting on iOS
When you are collecting on iOS, look for the blue dot in the upper left hand corner of each series cover photo. This blue dot indicates an eligible series with available free packs.


Clicking on the series cover photo will take you to the series page. Press the “Open a Pack” button located at the bottom of the screen to open a free pack.


Once you click the “Open a Pack” button, you will see all your available pack options including free, carats, and paid packs.