NeonMob Community Rules & Guidelines

NeonMob is a thriving, global community of creators and collectors. In order to ensure that NeonMob is a safe and delightful place to explore, discover, and connect, we've established a few ground rules:

1.  Create and operate only one (1) NeonMob account.  
Owning more than one account is the only true way to "cheat" on NeonMob. Artists earn a living through sales on NeonMob, so obtaining free packs beyond the standard daily allotment is the same as stealing. Additionally, collectors who cheat cheapen the experience of other collectors using NeonMob fairly. Bottom line: don't cheat. It's unkind, uncool, and will result in a site-wide ban.

Types of activity that indicate cheating or abuse of your NeonMob collector privileges:
— Having multiple accounts controlled by you. 
— Having friends/family members/others controlling accounts that repeatedly funnel the best/rarest cards to you.

Read more about Cheating on NeonMob here.

2.  Make fair trade offers.  Offering your common for someone else's extremely rare card is like stealing candy from a baby. Don't do that. Respect the value of your collection, and only propose trades that value the collections of others. Plus, unfair trades definitely won't make you any friends. To learn more about what constitutes a fair trade, join the collecting & trading discussion in the NeonMob Forum.

3. Don't harass, troll, threaten, or, generally speaking, act unkindly. This applies to messages, submissions, profiles — all of the ways in which you communicate and present yourself on NeonMob. Usernames, avatar images, and bio text that is racist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory will result in a ban from NeonMob and closure of your account. Treat your fellow collectors with respect and decency in all interactions. We're here to make friends, discover cool art, create new things, and pioneer the future of art collecting. Don't ruin it for everyone else by being a bully.

Again: violation of any of the above rules can be grounds for suspension or closure of your account, including the seizure of your entire collection. 

To report a user who you believe is violating any of the rules above, shoot us an email at