What are the series difficulty ratings?

Each series is assigned a rating to indicate how difficult it is to collect all the core cards of a series (common through extremely rare) in the allotted time frame utilizing only free packs, carat packs, and trading. Series difficulty is based on many factors including the total number of cards in the series, the amount of time the series is available for collection, the rarity distribution of cards in the series, and more. The number of chase or other special cards does not factor into the difficulty rating as the Completed Core Series milestone is based only on collecting all the core cards of a series.

Most series will fall into one of the following seven difficulty rating categories ranging from Near Impossible to Piece of Cake:


Series difficulty ratings are color coded and appear as a badge in front of the series name on all sections of the website and on the collect screen on iOS. On the website, you can hover over the difficulty rating icon to reveal the rating name.


Special difficulty ratings
There are two additional difficulty ratings indicating special types of series. The Chase difficulty rating is assigned to series that can only be collected through unlocking milestones or through carat packs (when applicable). This is the most difficult series rating:


The Beginner difficulty rating is assigned to series that are only available to brand-new NeonMob collectors for a limited time. This is the least difficult series rating:


Series difficulty rating & the bonus multiplier
The series difficulty rating determines the bonus multiplier for series milestone rewards and how many carats you will receive for achieving those milestones. The more difficult a series is to complete, the higher the bonus multiplier. The higher the bonus multiplier, the higher the number of carats awarded for achieving each series milestones. For example, you will receive more carats for achieving the All Commons milestone for a series rated “hard” than you would for a series rated “easy” based on the bonus multiplier of the difficulty rating. The bonus multiplier affects all series milestones.