How do I use the series sorting features?

There are a lot of ways to sort through your collection to find a specific card. To get started:

  1. Go to the website at

  2. Click on the Home or Your Collection links in the top navigation

  3. Scroll through your collection until you find the series you would like to explore

  4. Hover over the series cover photo and click the center Your Cards button as illustrated in the image below.


Clicking the Your Cards button takes you to the series overview page. This page displays all the cards you have collected for the series alongside empty spaces showing which cards are still needed to complete your collection. Filter options are located in the two rows above your collection.


Beginning on the top left, the first button will take you back to the main collections page.


The next button to the right is the series progress meter; this is the circular icon surrounding a percentage from 1-100%.

  • The inside ring indicates progress in collecting core cards of this series and fills clockwise in black

  • The outside ring indicates progress in collecting special cards of this series (chase, variants, et al) and fills clockwise in blue

  • The percentage is the total series completion for core cards only; see the Special Series Progress ring to see completion percentage for special cards.

Click on this icon to see progress details.


The center option on the top row is the Series Select Menu. From the series overview, you can use this menu to jump to any other series. Click the arrow icon on the right side of the menu to see an alphabetical list of all the series you have collected. Browse this menu to find the series you would like to view and click the series name to see the series overview.


Once you have selected the series you would like to view, you can use the Sort by… option to reorder the cards in the series alphabetically, by rarity, or by copies owned. After selecting one of these parameters, you can reorder further by clicking on the arrow that appears in the menu.


In the second row of filter options, the first button on the left is Favorites. Clicking this will instantly display all the cards in this series that you have marked as favorite or wishlist; empty spaces are wishlist cards. 


The next button in the second row is the Unowned / Owned toggle. Click this once to display all the unowned cards in the series ...


... Click the Unowned / Owned toggle again to display all the cards you already own in the series. When displaying owned cards, the toggle will display a checkmark as well as the word Owned. Click the toggle a third time to reset.


The third button in the second row is marked “x2” and stands for duplicates. Click on this button to display all the cards collected in this series with more than one copy. Click this toggle again to reset.


The rectangular box containing gemstones is the rarity filter. Each gemstone reflects a different card rarity in ascending ordering from common to chase (or variant, if applicable). Click on a gemstone to display all the cards of that rarity in the series.


By using our sorting filters, you can mix and match buttons and toggles to find the exact card you are looking for quickly and easily. 

There are a few other buttons on the series overview page we would like to mention. The first is the Open Pack button in the top right of the filter options. Clicking this will take you to the open pack selection screen for this series so you can open or purchase a pack. If the series is out of print, this button will be greyed out and will read OUT OF PRINT as in the above images.

Below this button are two icons: on the left is a trophy icon; on the right is a checklist icon. The checklist icon links directly to the full series page to view series details from the artist, a checklist of cards, and recent collecting activity. The trophy icon redirects to the series milestones page with an overview of your series milestones totals. The selected series will appear in the top position in the list below the overview with other series listed alphabetically. You can sort this list by series name, milestone completion percentage, collecting rank, and time to complete series. Icons will fill the milestones you have completed, as seen in the example below.