Do you have any trading tips?

Find a good trading partner

It is advantageous, but sometimes challenging, to find an optimal trading partner. A good place to start is with the information provided on the owners page:

  • "Trader Grade" shows how responsive a trader is to offers they receive

  • "Owned" reveals you how many copies of this card a trader owns

  • “Series Completion" tracks how close a trader is to completing the series


Let’s start with Trader Grades. The responsiveness of each trader is measured by a letter grade A through F. Those collectors with an A+ trader grade answer every single offer and accept a high volume of trades; collectors with an F trade grade rarely, if ever, respond. Collectors with a high trader grade are less likely to allow a trade offer to expire, meaning the higher the trader grade the more likely a response. Selecting a trade partner with a high trader grade greatly increases your odds of a having your trade accepted or receiving a counter-offer. 

Another great tip is to look at the Owned column to find collectors with duplicates of your sought-after card. Collectors with duplicates (2x or more) are more likely to part with one of their duplicate cards then to break up their collection and give away the only copy they own.  

Use the Series Completion percentage to find collectors still actively working to finish the series. Owners with lower series completion percentages may need your help in completing the series and could provide more trade options. But don’t forget owners at 100% completion as they may be more willing to give away duplicates when trading across different series. 

Remember, you can toggle any of the above options to reorganize the owners list to fit your specific need. Try different combinations and scroll through the list to search the results. 

Use the Message button to communicate with potential trade partners if you have any specific questions about their collection or what they might be looking for in exchange. This is especially useful in discussing trades featuring hard-to-find out-of-print card, in proposing a cross-series exchange, or when offering multiple trades at once.  

Make compelling trade offers

Now that you have selected a trade partner, here are some tips to keep in mind to construct a successful trade offer:

  • Offer a fair and balanced trade: When building your trade, you can select up to five cards on each side. You will have the most success when making a fair offer based on rarities and number of cards offered. A Chase for a Chase in the same series is a great offer; a Rare and a Common for a Chase is not.

  • Add a little extra: Looking to swap Very Rare for Very Rare on a series? Throw in that Common or Uncommon they are missing to help seal the deal.

  • Give them what they want: When constructing your offer, stick to series your trade partner is already collecting. Check their wishlist to identify cards to include in your offer. Cards you offer from an unfamiliar series might not be as valuable to your partner as they are to you.

Meet other Collectors

Looking to expanding your trading circle? Join our communities to meet other collectors, post your wishlists, and find trade offers:

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