What happens after I submit my series?

Congratulations, you just created a new NeonMob series! Great work, you’re our favorite 😊



What now?
After you press "Submit" in the series publisher, your series submission will be received by our trusty community team. Among other things, their job is to ensure that (a) the series meets our standards for content, (b) that both series and cards descriptions were included, and (c) that the correct number of each card rarity exists. Assuming all is well, your series is approved and prepared for publication. If your series requires amendments, the team will return your series to you with an explanation of the revisions needed. 

Our community team reviews both pro and amateur series submissions every Monday. Pro series creators will receive an email confirmation from our community manager detailing their series publication date once their submission has been approved and added to our publication calendar. Amateur series creators will only receive email notifications if their series needs revisions.


So when will my series be published?
Depending on the availability in our publishing calendar, approved pro series submissions are generally published within 2 - 4 weeks of submission. 

Approved amateur series are typically published within 2 weeks of submission; however, only a very limited selection of the best amateur submissions are published each month and not all series will be approved.


How will I know when my series is available for collection?
All creators receive an auto-generated email notification once their series is published with information including the series link and a special redeem code for fans. 


Can I add more images after I submit my series?
Once your series is published and is available for collection, it is locked and you cannot add more cards. By pressing ‘Submit' in the series publisher, you are acknowledging that your series is ready to be published. So unless you let us know prior to publication, once you submit your series we assume no changes are necessary. If you've submitted your series and want to make changes prior to publication, we can send it back to you for revision — just email us and let us know.