Why does the rarity of a card matter?

A card’s rarity gives collectors a general idea of the odds of receiving that card type when opening a series pack. The higher the rarity, the lower your odds of receiving one in a pack. Higher rarities such as extremely rare or chase cards are intrinsically more valuable to collectors because there are less of them made available to collect. In other words, lower supply = higher value. 

The rarity of a card matters most when trading with other collectors. You will find the most success when offering balanced trades based on card rarities and series type: Unlimited vs. Limited Edition.   

Unlimited Series
Many series released on NeonMob are unlimited, which means they will never sell out and there is no limit on how many cards are produced for collectors. However, each series is only available to collect for a limited amount of time; once the time frame for collection has passed, the series will go out-of-print for collectors. Because unlimited series never sell out, they can be re-opened for collection at a later date.

Limited Edition Series
Some series released on NeonMob are limited edition collections, meaning that each card in a limited edition series has a finite number of copies created for distribution. Once all the cards in a limited edition series have been opened by collectors, the series is sold out and will go out-of-print for collection. Limited Edition series cannot be re-opened for collection as no additional cards will be produced. 

The series detail page for limited edition series will show the number of cards of each rarity along with the odds of receiving a card of a particular rarity when opening a pack from that series. This is based on the total number of packs opened throughout the entire community, not the number of packs a collector opens personally. Below is an example from Space City: Meterex.

Because limited edition series have a finite number of cards available, many collectors consider these cards to be more valuable than unlimited series. Please note that rarities are only relative to other cards within the same limited series because each limited series has a different, finite number of total cards available for collection.