Why wasn't my amateur series published?

We created our amateur category so that artists new to NeonMob could easily publish a series introducing themselves to our collecting community. However, amateur series are still subject to review and there are a number of reasons why amateur series are not approved for publication.

  • The images submitted were not created by you. This can mean it's someone else's artwork, a copyrighted image, a screenshot from a video game, a meme, or an image or photograph taken from the web that you did not personally create.

  • The images submitted were fan art of a copyrighted series. NeonMob can only publish original concepts and creations and does not have the license to publish copyrighted concepts and fan art.

  • The images submitted were graphically violent, pornographic, or otherwise offensive.

  • The series has fewer than minimum 15 cards required for publication. All series must have at least 15 unique cards and a cover image to be considered for publication.

  • The series was submitted without a title, series description, or card descriptions.

  • Your submission did not meet our content standards for publication.

Comic via electricbunnycomics.com

Comic via electricbunnycomics.com

If your amateur series is not approved, you will receive a detailed explanation via email from our community team with instructions on amending your series and resubmitting (if applicable). Submissions containing copyrighted concepts or creation cannot be published and will be deleted from our system. NeonMob only publishes the very best of our amateur submissions and not every submission will be published.