Can I have more than one account on NeonMob?

If you have more than one account, close the auxiliary account(s) immediately.

You may create and operate only one (1) account on NeonMob.
Operating more than one account is considered “cheating” on NeonMob. This includes auxiliary accounts you may personally operate or accounts nominally operated by others but which solely benefit your main account. Obtaining free packs / cards beyond the standard daily allotment by funneling through an auxiliary account is absolutely not allowed and will result in all active accounts being closed.

We take this behavior very seriously because of the negative impact cheating has on the community of creators and collectors who use the platform as it is intended. Creators lose money in pack sales when you cheat. Collectors lose trading opportunities when you cheat. These are real people who are all affected when you cheat. So don’t open more than one account. Don’t have your friend or your family member open an account just to send you all their cards. Cheating on NeonMob is bad. Just don’t do it.

I can refer people to NeonMob and trade with them without it being considered cheating?
Yes, absolutely! If you have a friend or family member that you think would enjoy collecting and trading on NeonMob, please invite them to create an account. If they use their account to build their own personal collection within the NeonMob rules and guidelines, you can trade with them fairly as you would all other collectors. 

However, if your friend or family member opened the account simply to open packs and send the best cards to you then this is cheating. If lopsided trades are repeatedly and regularly benefiting one account, then all associated accounts will be closed. 

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